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Plastic additives

Through the use of additives during processing, plastics achieve their technical and optical properties. Requirements such as durability, appearance, feel, flammability, etc. are largely determined by additives. Through a professional selection of the correct additives, each plastic component can be given its individual performance.

Antimicrobial additives for plastic

Antimicrobial additives protect plastic surfaces against the growth of microorganisms such as algae, bacteria or fungi. They are embedded in the polymer matrix and prevent the spread of microorganisms through chemical reactions.

Antioxidants for plastic additive

Antioxidants react with radicals in the polymer chain, which are formed in the processing process and thereby stop unwanted molecular chain degradation or composition.

Antistatics for plastic additives

Dust explosions caused by electrostatically charged plastic surfaces cause devastating damage, especially in manufacturing companies. Permanent antistatic agents prevent these charges and consequently significantly reduce the risk of explosion. In addition, the use of antistatics minimizes dust pickup on components.

Flame retardants for plastic additives

Flame retardants suppress the flammability or retard the flammability of polymers. By adding it, it is possible to achieve a variety of fire protection classes and criteria, which are partly required for the use of plastics in certain applications.

Hydrophilizing agent for plastic additives

A hydrophilizing agent is used as an internal additive and improves the ability of e.g. polyolefin fibers to absorb water. Thus, e.g. in non-woven textile products (nonwovens), an optimization of the haptics and the breakthrough time can be achieved. It is used in products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, nonwovens or filters.

Lightstabilizers for plastic additives

Light stabilizers such as UV absorbers and HALS (sterically hindered amines) protect the polymer from UV radiation in sunlight. The discoloration caused by UV radiation, embrittlement or cracking is delayed by the use of these additives.

Multi-component additive packages for plastic

Additive packages make it easier for the processor to precisely dose the additives. Several additives are contained in a blend and adapted in their product form to the application criteria of the processor.

Nucleating agents for plastic additives

The addition of nucleating agents influences the crystallinity and the crystal structure in order to achieve greater transparency. They are soluble in the melt and achieve a much higher nucleation density.

Optical brighteners for plastic additives

An optical brightener is a finishing agent to achieve a high degree of whiteness. These are chemical compounds with fluorescent properties, which are introduced into the plastic in the same way as dyes and cause lightening. Another field of application exists as a fluorescence indicator for various materials and applications.

Process & heat stabilizers for plastic additves

Process stabilizers are radical scavengers and protect the polymer during processing from unwanted chain degradation / buildup.

Specialties for plastic additives

In addition to aging and sunscreen agents, there are a variety of specialties with which the required properties of the polymer can be achieved.

Styrene-butadiene-block-copolymer (SBS)

Styrene-Butadiene-Block-Copolymer (SBS) are used as additives. SBS elastomers combine the properties of a thermoplastic resin with those of butadiene rubber. They increase mechanical strength and improve abrasion resistance, while the rubber component provides flexibility and toughness.

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