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Hydrophilizing agent for plastic additives

A hydrophilizing agent is used as an internal additive and improves the ability of e.g. polyolefin fibers to absorb water. Thus, e.g. in non-woven textile products (nonwovens), an optimization of the haptics and the breakthrough time can be achieved. It is used in products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, nonwovens or filters.

Techsurf® Additives for polyolefin fibers and nonwovens

Techsurf® melt additives impart hydrophilicity to polyolefin fibers, nonwovens and specialty plastics applications. These melting additives help to reduce the surface resistance of the finished fabric, increase absorbency and improve softness. Techsurf® is used in the manufacture of diapers and wipes as well as medical tubing.



TechDialog: Electric Seminar

22.09.2022, 69115 Heidelberg


Bodo Möller Chemie intensifies its collaboration with BASF SE in the segment of Resins and Performance Additives for Paints and Coatings in Northwest Africa