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Technical Training

As an interface between the chemical industry and the processing industry, we feel responsible for sharing our product and practical knowledge with users. Therefore, we offer our customers a comprehensive training program. Our seminars and workshops are aimed at processors of our products, as well as those interested in technology. Take advantage of our practical offers for the correct use of adhesives, encapsulation of electrical components or for the safe dispersion of paints and coatings.

Benefit from technology market leader expertise

Through our cooperation with technology market leaders such as BASF, Dow, DuPont, Henkel and Huntsman, as well as research institutions, such as Fraunhofer IFAM, we know the latest product developments and system solutions. Together with our years of experience in the automotive, rail, aerospace and electrical industries, we offer unique product and user knowledge. During our seminars, workshops and lab practice trainings, our adhesives and electrical casting specialists, as well as experts from the coating industry, research and certification authorities, pass on their expertise to participants.

Our current training offers can be found in the events section or register directly here for our event newsletter. So you won’t miss any of our seminar and trade dates for adhesives, composites and electro casting.

Our next events:

10th May 2022, online, TechDialog: Cleaner

12th May 2022, Augsburg, TechDialog: Bonding Seminar

22nd September 2022, Heidelberg, TechDialog: Electric Seminar

05th October 2022, online, TechDialog: Cleaner 2




ISO 14001 Germany

Environmental management system.

ISO 9001 Germany

DIN EN ISO 9001 refers to the merchandised service processes and to the internal processes of the organization.



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