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E-mobility applications demand high performance encapsulants, gap fillers and adhesives. Thermally conductive materials optimize the heat management and ensure higher performance and extended lifetime of electrical and electronic components. Our epoxy, polyurethane and silicone adhesives, encapsulants, casting and impregnating resin systems offer a wide range of high-performance products for the encapsulation of electrical control units, motors, batteries, wiring harnesses, connectors, inverters, converters, sensors and switches.

Bonding and encapsulation of electric motors

Powerful electric motors and generators require very good electrical properties, high mechanical strength and thermal stability. This is achieved by impregnating stator and rotor windings in the trickle process and in immersion and impregnation baths, including the use of VPI technology. Partial or full casting of stators serves to improve the mechanical and thermal properties, in particular heat dissipation.

Bonding and encapsulation of low-voltage batteries

Batteries for “last mile” vehicles are often based on 48 V technology. Encapsulants protect and provide thermal management to ensure long life time and reliable performance. Resins, encapsulants and casting materials based on Silicone, Polyurethane or Epoxy chemistry offer a broad spectrum of solutions.

Bonding and encapsulation of sensors and automotive electronics

As in conventional automobiles, sensors and electronics in electrical vehicles are exposed to harsh environments and expected to function reliably for many years. Proven adhesives, encapsulants and gels, based on Silicone, Polyurethane or Epoxy chemistry protect the electronic components.

Bonding and thermal management of high-voltage batteries

Batteries are a very common form of energy storage, the integration of high voltage batteries into electric vehicles is quite complex. The selection of adhesives and sealants depends on the desired strengths, service considerations and to a great extent on the manufacturing requirements. A wide spectrum of adhesive systems offers the industrial designer new technology options and thermal management solutions for high-voltage batteries.

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