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Our structural and repair adhesives based on epoxy, methacrylate, silane and polyurethane as well as our pourable epoxy resins, provide the high mechanical performance required in the marine industry. They are particularly resistant to seawater, fuel, chemicals and extremes of weather and temperature. With our unique portfolio, we support marine manufacturers to design and build everything from canoes to large luxury yachts and racing boats.

3D printing services for prototype and series

With its wide range of engineering and printing services, Bodo Möller Chemie offers a risk-free entry into additive manufacturing and maximum flexibility. Services range from design and development to proof printing, component testing, modification, quality control, validation and small batch printing. More information.

Accessories for DLP printing systems

Accessories tailored to the DLP workflow for optimum production results, such as curing chambers for post-curing printed parts and automatic cleaning stations for cleaning 3D printed parts More information.

Agomet® 2-component methyl methacrylate adhesives

Developed for processing with hardener powder or hardener paste to ensure easy mixing.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy casting resins

Unfilled and filled, cold and hot-curing epoxy resin-based casting compounds for atmospheric or vacuum casting with a wide range of properties.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy casting resins

For all industrial applications, from electronics to mold making. The portfolio includes products ranging from particularly low shrinkage for high-precision castings to products resistant to high temperatures and chemicals and materials with excellent insulation properties for electrical engineering applications.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy resin adhesives

Depending on the type, they can be used for structural bonding of metals, thermosets and reinforced plastics. Can have very high strength and temperature resistance (up to 210°C).

Araldite® 2-component epoxy resins

For almost all applications in industry and trade, where high-strength and permanently resistant adhesive bonds of the most diverse substrates are required.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy trickle resins

Trickle resins with very good electrical properties, high mechanical strength and heat form stability, suitable for high operating temperatures.

Araldite® 2-component methyl methacrylate adhesives

For all high-strength yet tough elastic adhesive joints. Very high tolerance to poorly bondable substrates or surfaces that are not optimally prepared.

Araldite® 2-component polyurethane adhesives

For flexible to high-strength, for fast to slow bonding of a large number of substrates.

Araldite® 2-component polyurethane casting resins

For all industrial applications, from electronics to mold making. Available in a high variety of types, whereby a particularly fine adjustment to the requirements of the application is realizable.

Araldite® / Aradur® Formulated resin / hardener systems

High-performance resin systems for all industrial applications, available in various varieties for all common manufacturing processes.

Araldite® Color pastes

Allow the product color to be adapted to customer requirements with light-colored potting or laminating resin systems.

Araldite® Epoxy base resins

For formulation by the end user, many product variants are mostly available in large containers.

Araldite® Epoxy impregnating resins for casting

Epoxy resin systems for impregnation of windings in classical atmospheric or vacuum casting.

Araldite® Epoxy impregnating resins for dip impregnation

Epoxy resins with particularly high storage stability in immersion baths for use in impregnating baths, with high glass transition, suitable for high and operating temperatures.

Araldite® Fillers

Allow the individual adaptation of unfilled resin systems to the requirements of the user.

Araldite® Flame retardant epoxy adhesives

Flame retardant 2-component adhesives with classified fire performance according to UL94 and EN 45545-2 standards.

Araldite® Laminating resins

Epoxy laminating resins for component production and mold making, especially proven in vehicle construction, racing and sports equipment construction, aerospace, transportation and marine, wind power, electronics and medical technology.

Araldite® Thermally conductive epoxy adhesives

2-component adhesives with higher thermal conductivity values for improved heat transfer of components.

Arathane® 2-component polyurethane casting resins

Potting compounds with very good processing properties, for very flexible to hard moulding materials with good temperature stability up to thermal class F, thermally conductive, UL94.

Aratherm® High thermally conductive epoxy casting resins

Hot-curing 1-component epoxy resin systems with very high thermal conductivity.

BETACLEAN™ Surface cleaners

Cleaner for the removal of dirt such as dust, grease and oil from adhesive surfaces. Depending on the application, cleaners are available for use on metals, plastics, glass and other substrates.

Bluesil™ 2-component silicone casting compounds

For all areas of mold making where highly flexible molding compounds have to be used.

Bluesil™ 2-component silicones

2-component silicone casting compounds, optically clear or containing filler for higher heat dissipation.

Bluesil™ Silicone gels

2-component silicones with gel-like end properties, extremely low hardness and extremely low elasticity modulus, optically clear.

CAF® 1-component silicone adhesives

Room temperature crosslinking adhesives and sealants for industry and trade, maintenance and repair, high-performance applications with high temperature resistance, protection and coating of electronic assemblies with castable products.

CAF® 2-component silicone adhesives

Through special activation, they enable a hardening process without condensation products (e.g. acetic acid) even in closed joints without access to humidity and offer particularly fast hardening.

Engineering services for 3D printing technologies

Individual consulting and engineering services in all process steps of additive manufacturing: Identification of components suitable for 3D printing, material selection, test printing, selection and installation of a DLP printing system or tuning to existing 3D printing system, upscaling and post-processing (surface finishing, component bonding). The services can be used as a complete package or individually as required. More information.

Euromelt® 2-component polyamide hotmelt casting compounds

1-component co-polyamides for a wide operating temperature range and low viscosity for very good flow behavior with only low potting pressure.

LOCTITE - Functional resins for industrial 3D printing

Functional resins specially developed for industrial 3D printing with outstanding properties similar to the most common injection molding materials (PP, PE and ABS): UL 94 V-0 certified, impact resistant, elastic, transparent and much more. Suitable for prototyping and mass production of functional parts. < strong>More information.

Glass fibre fabrics

High-quality glass fabrics in various weaves and basis weights. Glass fibre fabrics are characterised by very good drapability and strength and are suitable for composite applications in a wide range of industries, such as aircraft and vehicle construction, shipbuilding, tank construction, pipeline construction, sports equipment construction.

Glass fibre mats

Glass fibre mats made from glass fibres that have been randomly joined together with a binder. They are characterised by excellent impregnation properties, uniform weight per unit area, good drapability and, in some cases, very high temperature resistance. Typical applications: Vehicle construction, boat construction, tank construction, pipeline construction, insulation material in exhaust systems.

L&L Bond 2-component acrylic adhesives

A line of structural adhesives based on novel acrylate technology. The A-K Series is a range of high-performance, ambient curing pumpable materials formulated to provide durable, high-strength structural adhesive bonds to a wide variety of substrates.

PACTAN 1-component silicones

Neutral-curing 1-component silicones with very good adhesion properties for potting and sealing electrical components.

Permabond® Anaerobic adhesives

1-component, solvent-free systems that harden in the absence of atmospheric oxygen and the presence of metal surfaces (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). The liquid anaerobic adhesive fills the gap between the contact surfaces and hardens to a solid acrylic.


Glass- or carbon-based fabrics pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix. Applications range from easy-melting thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for sports equipment to high-temperature-resistant PEEK for aviation or medical technology.

Rapid Shape® 3D DLP printers for industrial manufacturing

The innovative DLP printing systems guarantee exceptional print quality and productivity and are suitable for printing prototypes as well as producing functional parts in series. Due to the comparatively low investment and operating costs and the ease of use, they offer a perfect entry into additive manufacturing. Various printer sizes and the open system allow maximum flexibility and design freedom. More information.

RenCast® 2-component epoxy casting resins

For the production of high-precision castings in model and mold making. Products with excellent resistance to high temperatures are available.

RenCast® 2-component polyurethane fast casting resins

For the production of control or auxiliary castings in model and mold making.

RenGel™ Epoxy gelcoats and coupling layers

For all applications in model and mold making, specially adapted to temperature requirements, abrasion resistance, grindability, polishability and high chemical resistance.

RenLam® Laminating resins

Epoxy laminating resins with focus on mould and tool making.

RenLease® Release agents

For easy demolding of components made of polyurethane or epoxy resins.

Rhodorsil® 2-component silicone casting compounds

For all areas of mold making where highly flexible molding compounds have to be used.

Thermally conductive silicones

2-component silicone casting compounds, gels and gap fillers with excellent thermal conductivity.

UREOL® Adhesives for epoxy tooling boards

Color, density, coefficient of thermal expansion and glass transition point are specially matched to the mechanical properties of Ureol epoxy resin boards.

UREOL® Adhesives for polyurethane tooling boards

Color, density, coefficient of thermal expansion and glass transition point are specially matched to the mechanical properties of Ureol polyurethane boards.

UREOL® Epoxy tooling boards

Optimally matched to the requirements of composite mold making. Particularly suitable for all mold making applications in the temperature range up to 140°C, especially for prepreg laying tools.

Wax sheets

For the simulation of the component wall thickness in mould construction.

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