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Additive manufacturing technologies

BODO MÖLLER CHEMIE, as a full-service DLP provider, bundles innovative 3D printing technologies from industry-leading suppliers under one roof and offers industrial users an attractive total package of consulting, engineering services, functional resins, DLP printing systems and printing services. The high-performance 3D printing materials and 3D printing systems guarantee the highest quality and productivity and are suitable for industrial-scale additive manufacturing in a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, automotive and transportation, consumer goods and medical technology.

3D printing services for prototype and series

With its wide range of engineering and printing services, Bodo Möller Chemie offers a risk-free entry into additive manufacturing and maximum flexibility. Services range from design and development to proof printing, component testing, modification, quality control, validation and small batch printing. More information.

Accessories for DLP printing systems

Accessories tailored to the DLP workflow for optimum production results, such as curing chambers for post-curing printed parts and automatic cleaning stations for cleaning 3D printed parts More information.

Engineering services for 3D printing technologies

Individual consulting and engineering services in all process steps of additive manufacturing: Identification of components suitable for 3D printing, material selection, test printing, selection and installation of a DLP printing system or tuning to existing 3D printing system, upscaling and post-processing (surface finishing, component bonding). The services can be used as a complete package or individually as required. More information.

LOCTITE - Functional resins for industrial 3D printing

Functional resins specially developed for industrial 3D printing with outstanding properties similar to the most common injection molding materials (PP, PE and ABS): UL 94 V-0 certified, impact resistant, elastic, transparent and much more. Suitable for prototyping and mass production of functional parts. < strong>More information.

Rapid Shape® 3D DLP printers for industrial manufacturing

The innovative DLP printing systems guarantee exceptional print quality and productivity and are suitable for printing prototypes as well as producing functional parts in series. Due to the comparatively low investment and operating costs and the ease of use, they offer a perfect entry into additive manufacturing. Various printer sizes and the open system allow maximum flexibility and design freedom. More information.