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Construction & CASE

In the CASE (Coatings Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) and Construction divisions, binders, pigments, fillers, additives and additives form the formulation basis. Bodo Möller Chemie offers a broad portfolio of raw materials with which the desired properties as well as optical and tactile effects of the end products can be achieved.

Automotive & transport vehicle paints

In the automotive and transport vehicle sectors, good corrosion protection, high brilliance and colour fastness over a long period of time and under various climatic conditions as well as a broad spectrum of colours and effects play a major role. In addition, high demands are placed on the cleanability of such coatings. Fire protection also plays a very important role, especially in transportation. Epoxides, acrylates and polyurethanes as 1-component and 2-component systems often form the basis as binders.

Building & construction industry

The area of building protection comprises both pasty systems, such as building waterproofing and sealing, and dry cementitious and gypsum-based systems, such as tile and building adhesives, plasters and fillers and levelling compounds. Cellulose ethers and liquid and powdered water-soluble polymers are used to achieve the processing and final properties.

Decorative coatings

Decorative paints include wood varnishes and architectural paints for exterior and interior applications. In addition to being emission-free for interior applications, the focus of these coatings is on good resistance to weathering and soiling. In addition to conventional physical and oxidative drying systems, UV coatings play a particularly important role in wood protection.

Industrial coatings

The industrial coatings division includes marine coatings, machine coatings and general corrosion protection coatings. The focus here is on a high resistance to chemicals and salt water as well as long-lasting weathering and corrosion protection in order to keep metal surfaces intact over a long period of time.



ASB Expo 2023 Adhesives Sealants & Bonding

05.09.2023 - 07.09.2023, Dubai


Bodo Möller Chemie presents modern bonding solutions in the May 11, 2023 TechDialog
Specific challenges are discussed in small-group workshops