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Industrial coatings

The industrial coatings division includes marine coatings, machine coatings and general corrosion protection coatings. The focus here is on a high resistance to chemicals and salt water as well as long-lasting weathering and corrosion protection in order to keep metal surfaces intact over a long period of time.

Afcona Slip and levelling Agents

During the application of liquid coatings on surfaces a multitude of surface defects can occur. The cause for this is, among others, significantly differing surface tensions. If, for example, the surface tension of the coating is higher than that of the substrate, this manifests itself in poor wetting (high contact angle) and, with that poor adhesion and cratering. Also after the application and while the coating is drying, local surface tension differences can cause unfavorable leveling and the floating of pigments.

Basonat® Isocyanate hardeners

Isocyanate hardener for 2-component polyurethane applications.

Biflair® Effect pigments

Bismuth Oxychloride based brilliant silver white effect pigments are marketed as pastes and are available in a range of dispersions for a wide variety of binder systems for printing inks. The pigments provide an a very good hiding power and and soft luster effects.

Calgon® and Targon® Dispersing agents

The Calgon™ range and Targon™ for dispersants and wetting agents are available as powders, agglomerates or granulates. They have high capacity for complex binding of Ca2+ and metal ions as well as low viscosity and long shelf life.

Chimassorb® UV absorbers

UV absorbers absorb the harmful UV radiation of the wavelength 290-400 nm and convert this light energy into harmless heat.

ChS-Alkyd® Solvent-borne and solvent-free alkyd resins

Alkyd resins are modified polyester resins used as binders in paint formulations. Due to their different composition, customized coating systems can be produced.

CHS Epoxy® Epoxy resins

Epoxy resins are used in a wide variety of applications. The product range includes liquid and solid as well as low molecular weight and high molecular weight expocide resins.

CHS-Epoxy RR® Reactive diluents

Epoxy resins are used in a wide variety of applications. The product range includes liquid and solid as well as low molecular weight and high molecular weight expocide resins.

CHS-Hydrospol® Aqueous alkyd emulsions

CHS Hydrospol describes water-based alkyd resins comprising medium and long oil alkyd resins. Accordingly, they meet the legal requirements of the VOC Directive.

Cinquasia® Pigments

Organic pigments based on quinacridone.

Colorstream® Multicolor effect pigments

Silica based multicolor effect pigments for coatings, print and plastic applications shift color with the angle of observation (color travel effect).

Cromophtal® Pigments

Organic pigments based on dioxazine, azo condensate and benzimidalzolone.

Deosec® Desiccants

Micro Granular Calcium Oxide Preparations. Prevents porosity of pressureless vulcanizes articles by chemically binding the moisture in the compound.

Dispex® Dispersing agents

Wetting and dispersing agent for predominantly aqueous systems.

Dura® Anti-skinning agents

MEKO, Duroxim P and Oxime-free DriCAT™ anti-oxidants/anti-skinning agents for paints and varnishes, coatings, enamel systems and printing inks. Prevents skin formation in oxidatively dried coatings and inks. For solvent-borne as well as water-borne coatings systems.

Durazane® 5500

Durazane® 5500 is developed expecially for use in high-gloss, solvent-borne topcoats. The product features are: High-temperature stability, water and dirt repellency, scratch protection and corrosion prevention. 

Duroct® and DriCAT® driers

Organic based metal siccatives/driers for oxidatively dried Alkyd based coatings. Improves drying properties of solvent-borne as well as water-borne paints and varnishes, coatings, enamels systems and printing inks. Adhesion improvement of printing inks can be obtained with special additives.

EFKA® Defoamers

Defoamer for solvent-based systems.

EFKA® Slip and leveling agents

Surface-active polydimethylsiloxanes and fluoroacrylates.

EFKA® Thickeners

Castor oil-based thickener for solvent-based systems.

Foamaster® Defoamers

Polymer-based and silicone-containing defoamers for aqueous systems.

Foamstar® Defoamers

Oil-based defoamer for aqueous system.

FP-Opacity Pigments™

Water- or solvent-based pigment for innovative TiO2 optimization

Halox® Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors for all types of water- and solvent-based coatings, available in various textures. The combination of the different types can lead to synergies and increased protection.

Halox® Tannin Stain Inhibitors

Heliogen® Pigments

Organic pigments based on phthalocyanine.

Hydropalat® Substrate wetting agents

Substrate wetting agent mainly based on surfactant.

Irgafos® Antioxidants

Irgalite® Pigments

Organic pigments based on acrylamide and naphthol AS.

Irganox® Antioxidants

Primary and secondary antioxidants which delay the autoxidation of the polymer in the processing step.

Irgazin® Pigments

Organic pigments based on isoindoline, DPP, diarylides.

Iriodin® 6000 series Effect pigments

Synthetic mica based effect pigments. The shiny character of synthetic mica is comparable in its physical behavior to natural mica but it is due to absence of impurities much cleaner and whiter. Iriodin® 6000 series stands for a white pearl effect, from a satin gloss to a sparkling shimmer.

Iriodin® Pearlescent pigments

Classic natural mica based effect pigments create unique luster and color effects. Effect varies from silky smooth to glittery, depending on the particle size. Iriodin® effect pigments open a new spectrum of possibilities for interior and exterior coatings, printing and plastics applications.

Iriodin® WAY Effect pigments

Iriodin® WAY offers weather resistant and anti-yellow properties. WAY technology is especially designed for plastics for outdoor applications and provides stability against weathering, yellowing, temperature, mechanical impact and chemicals.

Iriotec® 9000 Heat-reflecting pigments

Heat-reflecting pigments especially developed for solar heat management. Iriotec® 9000 pigments provide light transmission and heat reflection to get more light and less heat inside of buildings – from commercial and residential buildings to greenhouses.

Joncryl® Acrylic binders for paper coatings

Acrylate binder for paper coatings.

Joncryl® OH-functional acrylate binders

OH-functional acrylate binder for 2-component polyurethane coatings.

Laroflex® flexibilizing binders

Adjustablebinders based on vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether.

Laromer® UV-crosslinking binders

UV-crosslinking binders.

Laropal® Dressing resins

Pigment paste resins.

Lopon® Defoaming agents

Liquid defoaming agents based on renewable sources, they are free of APEO, silicone and mineral oil. They are highly effective for water-based emulsion paints, silicate emulsion paints and silicone resin paints and plasters.

Lopon® Dispersing agents and stabilisers

A range of dispersing and wetting agents wich differ in their composition and condition (powerdy/liquid). LoponTM products are particularly recommended for water-based coatings.

Luconyl® Pigment pastes

Aqueous pigment preparations.

Luwipal® Amino resins

Amino resins for improving weather and chemical resistance.

Meoxal® Metal effect pigments

Aluminium based effect pigments provide high brilliance andoutstanding color saturation. Meoxal® effect pigments provide very good water stability, light stability and heat stability. They fulfill especially high demands for outdoor applications such as automotive coatings and other high-end paint applications.

Microlith® Pigment preparations

Solid pigment preparations with slow acting bonding agent.

Miraval® Effect pigments

Highly reflective sparkle effect pigments based on borosilicate for coatings, plastics and print products. With their radiant luster and brilliant shimmer Miraval® effect pigments join unique purity of colors with high transparency and intensive reflective power.

Omnirad Photoinitiators

Photoinitiators for UV curing paints and composites. Learn more about our photoinitiators.

Orgal® Acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Hydroflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Hydroflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Rooflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Rooflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Vinyl acetate dispersions

Orgal® Vinyl acetate dispersions.

Phos-Chek® Flame Retardants

Flame-retardants based on ammonium phosphate chemistry are available in different variants (powdery / liquid). Their field of application is divers.

Pigmosol® Pigment preparations

Water-soluble pigment preparations.

Plastopal® amino resins

Amino resins for improving heat resistance, adhesion and flexibility.

Pyrisma® Interference pigments

Pyrisma® opens a new dimesion of chroma for mica based interference pigments – be it in coatings, print or plastic applications. This innovative pigment generation was developed especially for the requirements of the coatings industry.

RC Titanium dioxide

Universally applicable titanium dioxide, especially for high-quality water- and solvent-based coating systems, with uniform particle size distribution, high whiteness and high opacity.

Rheovis® Thickeners

Synthetic thickeners for aqueous systems.

Ricko-Cure Photoinitiators

Basic photoinitiators for UV-curing coatings. Learn more about our photoinitiators.

Sicoflush® Pigment preparations

Solvent-containing pigment preparations.

Sicopal® Pigments

Inorganic pigments.

Sicotan® Pigments

Inorganic mixed phases pigments.

Sicotrans® Pigments

Transparent iron oxide pigments.

SILASTIC® Liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) help extend design possibilities for small parts, intricate designs, high precision and overmolding. Key features of cured LSRs include good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to weathering, extreme temperatures and aging. Fluoro liquid silicone rubber (F-LSR) combines excellent fuel and oil resistance with LSR processing economy.

SONGCURE® CS Photoinitiators

Songcure CS TPO and 819 products are a critical component of the UV curing processin. They are additives that initiate the polymerisation process, fragmenting into free radicals. Learn more about our photoinitiators.

SONGNOX® Antioxidants

AO’s prevent thermally induced degradation of polymers in coatings, adhesives, inks during high- temperature processing, curing and stoving as well as in the end use.

SONGSORB® UV absorbers

UVAs prevent the degradation of coating systems by converting the absorbed light into heat. Every UVA has its own specific photo-physcial primary and secondary properties.

SONGSORB® UV Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS)

They trap radicals formed in the coating layer during exposure to light. HALS are particulary suitable for the surface of a coating, where UVA’s offers less protection. Furthermore, they provide protection against surface defects, too.

Sovermol® Solvent-free polyols

Solvent-free polyols based on renewable raw materials for 2-component polyurethane applications.

Targon® Setting retarders and hardeners

Various types of retarders and secondary retarders plus hardeners based mainly on phosphate, polyphosphate chemistry. Delivery forms as powder, granulate or in water solution.

Telalit® Amine hardener for epoxy resins

HFor optimum curing of epoxy resins. The range includes products based on polyamidoamines, polyaminoinoimdazolines as well as aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines.

Tinuvin® UV absorbers

UV absorbers absorb the harmful UV radiation of the wavelength 290-400 nm and convert this light energy into harmless heat.

Xfast® Pigment preparations

Self-dispersing powdered pigment preparations for aqueous systems.


Silicone fluids for industrial, electrical, automotive applications. Standard dimethyl silicones in various viscosities and specialty fluids, e.g. for electrical applications.

Xirallic® Crystal effect pigments

Alumina based crystal effect pigments that combine lively and extraordinary sparkle with shimmer. The crystal effect pigments create an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle specifically in coating applications. Main application is automotive coatings but is also used in other applications like plastics, powder coatings and dispersion paints.


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