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Textile industry

For the textile industry, we offer a wide range of high-quality products for various applications, such as pretreatment, dyeing, textile printing, finishing and coating, with which textiles can be provided with the desired properties. For apparel textiles, technical textiles as well as textiles for textile construction and the automotive industry, you will always find the right solution to meet the highest demands.


During dyeing, dyestuffs from mostly aqueous systems (dye liquors) are applied to the textile or yarn. So-called dyeing auxiliaries are required to safely control the processes in the dyeing plant in order to support the processes in progress. In order to achieve a uniform appearance, levelling agents, defoamers/deaerators, pH controls, wetting agents etc. are used.

Equipment & coating

Textiles for certain items of clothing, such as safety suits for firefighters or blast furnace workers, must perform at their best for their wearers. In many areas of technology, such as safety belts or filter materials in environmental protection and room technology, textiles play an indispensable role. Textile finishing or textile finishing paves the way for all innovative applications. By using softeners, coating agents, cross-linking agents and flame retardants, such additional effects can be achieved for later use.


During the pre-treatment process, any disturbing waxes, soiling or the natural yellowing of the material are removed in subsequent processes and the textile is prepared for the subsequent processes.

Textile printing

In classic textile printing, the textile is dyed according to the pattern. For this purpose, dyes, pigments and pastes containing chemicals are applied to the textile using special printing processes such as flat screen printing or rotary printing. Printing dyes are colorants that have been specially adapted for the printing process. Printing auxiliaries support the printing process and help to produce an even print. In inkjet printing (digital printing/inkjet printing), the inks are applied with print heads, which means that much finer print images are possible than in classic screen printing.



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