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During the pre-treatment process, any disturbing waxes, soiling or the natural yellowing of the material are removed in subsequent processes and the textile is prepared for the subsequent processes.

CLARITE® Bleaching processors

Surfactants, complexing agents, dispersants for controlling the bleaching process.

ERIOPON® Post-cleaning agents

Washing auxiliary for improving the performance properties.

INVATEX® Digestion agent / cracking agents

Surfactants with excellent wetting, dispersing and complexing properties.

INVAZYME® Desizing agents

Enzymatic wet processing agents for surface polishing and  to remove surface fuzz. 

RC Titanium dioxide

Universally applicable titanium dioxide, especially for high-quality water- and solvent-based coating systems, with uniform particle size distribution, high whiteness and high opacity.

SYNCOL® warp sizing agent

Syncol warp size is a polyacrylic based sizing agent. 

TESCOL® Warp sizing agent

Tescol warp size is a polyester based sizing agent. 

ULTRAVON® Detergent surfactants

Dispersing and degreasing agent for the removal of preparations.

UVITEX® Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners are fluorescent aids to increase the whiteness of all natural and synthetic fiber types.


Wax to protect the warp yarns during the weaving process.



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