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Lubricants are used in many areas, e.g. in engines, transmissions, hydraulics and in the machining of materials, especially metals. Sliding coatings, greases and oil, metal soaps and graphite can be used as lubricants. The product range of Bodo Möller Chemie offers a wide selection of synthetic base oils and antioxidants, wear protection agents, metal and corrosion inhibitors as well as surfactants.

Automatic transmission oils

Gear oils must have very good lubrication and shear stability, low foaming tendency and ageing as well as good corrosion protection. Wear protection is particularly important here because there is a high risk of pitting on gears and worms.


Cleaning agents are needed in almost all household and industrial sectors. Whether as a simple surface cleaner, washing and rinsing agent for private use, commercial plant cleaners, tank cleaners or as an industrial cleaner, e.g. for degreasing and cleaning metal surfaces.

Heat transfer and cooling liquids

Heat transfer and cooling liquids are used in liquid heat exchangers and cooling units. Large areas of application are solar and geothermal energy as well as cold stores in the food industry, industrial plants and refineries. These products are characterised by a wide temperature application window and high heat and cold retention.

Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids should have good lubrication and surface adhesion and must change their density only minimally in the event of overpressure or underpressure in order to enable optimum power transmission. In addition to high protection against ageing, hydraulic fluids must have a high flash point and low foam formation. In addition, the ingredients must not attack seals and must not form resin.

Lubricating greases & oils

Lubricants are used as lubricants and wear protection on contact surfaces of moving parts, preferably metal surfaces, to ensure smooth running and a long service life of the components. Depending on the application, greases, mineral oils and synthetic oils are available. Greases are used more in the area of bearings and joints, while oils are used in fast-moving areas such as engines. Synthetic oils are distinguished from mineral oils by their lower aging.

Metal working fluids

In metalworking, cooling lubricants are used to dissipate the temperatures generated during machining, to minimize wear on the machining tool and to flush away grinding chips. In addition to wear protection and cooling, cooling lubricants must also prevent corrosion and tarnishing of the machined metal surface.

Turbine oils

Turbine oils pose a particular challenge to lubricants because they are subject to particularly high rotational speeds and extreme temperatures. Therefore, these lubricants must have a particularly high thermal stability, be very oxidation-stable and have good water separation and a very low foaming tendency.

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