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Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids should have good lubrication and surface adhesion and must change their density only minimally in the event of overpressure or underpressure in order to enable optimum power transmission. In addition to high protection against ageing, hydraulic fluids must have a high flash point and low foam formation. In addition, the ingredients must not attack seals and must not form resin.

Exofos PB Anti-wear and high-pressure additives

Anti wear and high pressure additives based on alkyl phosphate ester and phosphate ester.

Irgacor® Corrosion inhibitors

Carboxylic acid based corrosion inhibitors.

Irganox® Antioxidants for lubricants

Irganox® Antioxidants for lubricants

Ricko-Kor Cu Metal deactivators

Non-ferrous metal triazole based inhibitors.

Ricko-Kor Fe Corrosion inhibitors

Carboxylic acid based corrosion inhibitors.

Ricko-Kor Multi-metal corrosion inhibitors

Inhibitor mixtures.

ROKOlub AD Anti-wear and high-pressure additives

Anti-wear and high-pressure additives based on aryl phosphate ester and triaryl phosphates.

ROKolub FR Serie Triaryl phosphate ester

ROKolub Hydraulic fluids (HFD-R)

ROKolub Hydraulic Fluids (HFD-R)

ROKolub Hydraulic fluids (HFD-U, water insoluble)

ROKolub Hydraulic Fluids (HFD-U, insoluble in water)

ROKolub Hydraulic fluids (HFD-U, water soluble)

ROKolub Hydraulic Fluids (HFD-U, water soluble)

ROKolub Water insoluble PAGs

ROKolub Water insoluble PAGs

ROKolub Water soluble PAGs

ROKolub Water soluble PAGs

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