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Bodo Möller Chemie Insights

What is Conformal Coatings?

16 February 2022

Conformal Coatings are used to protect electrical components from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

A new article about Bodo Möller Chemie has been published in the December 2021 issue. 

Bodo Möller Chemie offers you a wide range of LOCTITE® 3D printing resins specially developed for industrial applications.

We distribute the two-component acrylic adhesive ARALDITE® 2053-05/15 from Huntsman. A flexible adhesive that enables bonding of different materials – even in the harshest conditions

Bodo Möller Chemie has received the Henkel CrossAEI Ambassador Award 2021 by Henkel.

We distribute the Henkel brands Aquence®, Loctite® and Technomelt® in Finland.

We distribute the two-component epoxy adhesives ARALDITE® 2012 from Huntsman, this adhesive enables complex bonding applications with short processing times.

Bodo Möller Chemie distributes the fast curing epoxy based structural adhesive BETAMATE® 2090 by world leading manufacturer DuPont.

Bodo Möller Chemie offers a wide portfolio of hotmelt adhesives, among others the Technomelt® Supra 176 from the market leader Henkel.

We offer you the full ARALDITE® 2000 core range from Huntsman.

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Bodo Möller Chemie intensifies its collaboration with BASF SE in the segment of Resins and Performance Additives for Paints and Coatings in Northwest Africa