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Medical Devices

Medical devices place special demands on manufacturers regarding biocompatibility and processing. Even with small application quantities, the adhesives must be joined precisely and quickly and must be resistant to sterilization methods. With our broad portfolio of ISO 10993 approved adhesives we can offer you suitable solutions.
Together with our adhesive competency center, our goal is not only to recommend an adhesive, but to optimize your bonding process to save you time and process costs. We are happy to support you with employee training, lab testing and even process qualification according to DIN 2304.

LOCTITE® Acrylate adhesives

Light-curing adhesives are the product group with the most varied properties. When the adhesives are exposed to appropriate UV and/or visible light, stable, durable thermoset polymers are produced. The product properties range from hard and rigid to soft and flexible. Fluorescent-modified products allow in-line detection of adhesives.

LOCTITE® Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Loctite® instant adhesives are high performance cyanoacrylates designed for the most demanding applications. They offer excellent adhesion to many different materials and are perfect for bonding plastics such as ABS, PVC, polycarbonates, acrylics and thermosets as well as elastomers such as latex, TPU, TPE and PUR. By incorporating available LOCTITE® primers, bonding traditionally difficult materials such as PP, PE and other low surface energy rubbers and plastics is easily done.

LOCTITE® Epoxy resin adhesives for medical devices

LOCTITE® epoxy adhesives offer high peel and shear strength on a wide range of metals and plastics. When cured, these crosslinked thermoset polymers exhibit excellent heat and chemical resistance, high cohesive strength and minimal shrinkage. The two-component LOCTITE® epoxy adhesives are packaged in double cartridges that can be processed like single-component adhesives using static mixers.

LOCTITE® Hybrid adhesives

LOCTITE® hybrid adhesives combine the advantages of instant adhesives with the benefits of structural adhesives such as epoxy resins. As a result, a very fast setting time with high final strengths and resistance to temperature and media can be achieved. A further advantage of the hybrid adhesives is the processing, as these products have been optimized and require minimal marking.

LOCTITE® UV alkoxy silicones

LOCTITE® silicone adhesives cure to soft, flexible, thermoset elastomers. UV light curing allows for rapid fixation, while moisture absorption allows for curing in shadow areas. Some unique advantages with these products include high temperature resistance, including some sterilization methods.

LOCTITE® UV cyanoacrylate adhesives

This adhesive technology combines the advantages of fast, on-demand curing (light-curing technology) with the properties of instant adhesives. These advantages are particularly useful for applications where subsequent curing in moisture is required and allows the adhesive to cure completely, even in shaded areas. Exposure to UV light, low intensity or visible light results in tack-free surfaces in less than five seconds.


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