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During dyeing, dyestuffs from mostly aqueous systems (dye liquors) are applied to the textile or yarn. So-called dyeing auxiliaries are required to safely control the processes in the dyeing plant in order to support the processes in progress. In order to achieve a uniform appearance, levelling agents, defoamers/deaerators, pH controls, wetting agents etc. are used.

ALBAFIX® Fixing agents for cellulosic fibers

Fixing agent for cellulosic fibers to improve the wet fastness of dyeings and printed products.

ALBAFLOW® Wetting and deaerating agents

To improve the wetting behavior of the fibers and to deaerate the wet treatment of textiles.

ALBAFLUID® Crease inhibitors / lubricants

Lubricant for preventing running wrinkles, wrinkles, crow's feet, grinding and chafing marks in the wet finishing of textiles.

Avitera® Reactive dyes

Reactive dyes of the latest generation. Extremely environmentally friendly as it is very energy and water saving.

ERIONAL® Fixing and reserving agents for polyamide, wool and their mixtures

Fixing and reserving agent for polyamide, wool and mixtures thereof for improving the wet fastness of dyeings and printed products.

ERIONYL® A Acid / metal complex dyes

Acid dyes with higher wash fastness.

FUMEXOL® Defoamers

Defoamer for foam prevention in textile wet processes.

INVADINE® Wetting agents

Surfactants for improving the wetting behavior of textiles.

INVALON® Dispersant

Dispersant for a particularly fine distribution of the dyes.

LANACRON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Metal complex dyes for highest lightfastness requirements.

LANASET® Acid / metal complex dyes

Intelligent blend of acid, reactive and metal complex dyes for use on polyamide and wool.

LANASOL® Reactive dyes for wool

Environmentally friendly dyes for dyeing wool.

MAXILON® Basic dyes

For dyeing acrylic and basic modified fibers

MIRALAN® Wool protection agents

Lubricant for preventing running wrinkles, creases, scrawl, grinding and chafing marks in the wet finishing of textiles.

NEOLAN® Acid / metal complex dyes

1: 1 metal complex dyes for dyeing wool.

NOVACRON® Reactive dyes

For the dyeing of cellulosic articles, mostly reactive dyes with two reactive groups.

NOVASOL® Vat dyes

Vat dyes are especially suitable for contract business and camouflage printing.

SOLOPHENYL® Direct dyes

Direct dyes for the cost-effective dyeing of cellulosic materials.

TECTILON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Monosulphuric acid, small-molecule acid dyes.

TERASIL® Dispersion dyes

Dispersion dyes

TERASIL® W-EL Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes for very high washfastness requirements for polyester / spandex fiber blends.

TERASIL® W / WW Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes for highest wash fastness requirements, e.g. in sports articles.

TERATOP® Dispersion dyes

Disperse dyes with high light fastness for the automotive sector.

UNIVADINE® Leveling agents

Leveling agent for uniform, reproducible dyeings.

UV-FAST® UV absorbers

UV absorbers protect fibers and dyes from UV radiation and improve in many cases the light fastness.


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