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Architectural paints

Architectural or decorative paints are applied outdoors on facades of building or indoors. Requirements are different: the facade coatings need to be weather resistant, colourfast and protected against microbial growth, whereas indoor applications require low emission, easy to apply coatings.

Acronal® acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions

Acronal® water-based acrylic and stryrene-acrylic emulsion polymers offer high performance and sustainable solutions for paints.

Biflair® Effect pigments

Bismuth Oxychloride based brilliant silver white effect pigments are marketed as pastes and are available in a range of dispersions for a wide variety of binder systems for printing inks. The pigments provide an a very good hiding power and and soft luster effects.

CHS-Alkyd® Solvent-borne and solvent-free alkyd resins

Alkyd resins are modified polyester resins used as binders in paint formulations. Due to their different composition, customized coating systems can be produced.

CHS-Hydrospol® Aqueous alkyd emulsions

CHS Hydrospol describes water-based alkyd resins comprising medium and long oil alkyd resins. Accordingly, they meet the legal requirements of the VOC Directive.

ClearLite™ Engineered perlite

Special engineered lamellar Perlite grades providing high transparency and formulation cost savings for matt wood finishes. The ClearLite™ product range is offering a new level of transparency in water-borne clear and transparent varnishes and lacquers for wood.

Colorstream® Multicolor effect pigments

Silica based multicolor effect pigments for coatings, print and plastic applications shift color with the angle of observation (color travel effect).

Cromophtal® Pigments

Organic pigments based on dioxazine, azo condensate and benzimidalzolone.

DiaFil® Diatomeceous earth

Superior matting in high PVC decorative matt paints – without loss of opacity or hiding power.

Dispex® Dispersing agents

Wetting and dispersing agent for predominantly aqueous systems.

Dispex Ultra® Polyacrylamide dispersions

Polyacrylamide dispersions for ceramic masses and ferrite cores.

EFKA® Defoamers

Defoamer for solvent-based systems.

EFKA® Slip and leveling agents

Surface-active polydimethylsiloxanes and fluoroacrylates.

Celite™ Flux calcined DE (matting agents)

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE grades are very efficient matting agents for water-borne as well as solvent-borne paints and plasters for exterior and interior. The special grades are also recommended as matting agents for traffic paints.

Foamaster® Defoamers

Polymer-based and silicone-containing defoamers for aqueous systems.

Foamstar® Defoamers

Oil-based defoamer for aqueous system.

FP-Opacity Pigments™

Water- or solvent-based pigment for innovative TiO2 optimization

Halox® Flash rust corrosion inhibitors

The addition of rust inhibitors prevents the formation of corrosion during the drying process of water-based paints and layers. Further flash-x-products are available.

Heliogen® Pigments

Organic pigments based on phthalocyanine.

Hydropalat® Substrate wetting agents

Substrate wetting agent mainly based on surfactant.

Hydrous Kaolin (Opacifying extenders)

Various grades of hydrous Kaolins for water-borne coatings and paints. The grades are OptiGloss™ and ImerSilk™ for exterior wood and metal coatings. Supreme™ with thixotropic characterisitcs and Speswhite™ for semi-gloss and matt coatings, including printing inks. Speswhite™ and Polsperse™ B plus Polsperse™ E for matt paints and primers. Devolite is a special pre-dispersed grade.

Irgalite® Pigments

Organic pigments based on acrylamide and naphthol AS.

Irgazin® Pigments

Organic pigments based on isoindoline, DPP, diarylides.

Iriodin® Pearlescent pigments

Classic natural mica based effect pigments create unique luster and color effects. Effect varies from silky smooth to glittery, depending on the particle size. Iriodin® effect pigments open a new spectrum of possibilities for interior and exterior coatings, printing and plastics applications.

Iriotec® 8000 Laser sensitive pigments

Laser sensitive pigments for laser marking of plastics and powder-coated surfaces. Iriotec® 8000 pigments provide precise and permanent marking and are mainly used for design features or for marking technical objects like brake fluid containers, packaging, cables or animal ear tags.

Laropal® Dressing resins

Pigment paste resins.

Lignostab® Light stabilizers for wood coatings

Lingostab® extends the functional life of exterior paints and stains and protects wood surfaces from greying and degradation caused by intense UV light and weathering. Even in diffuse light conditions indoors, UV absorbers can significantly reduce the yellowing and darkening of pale wood.

Luconyl® Pigment pastes

Aqueous pigment preparations.

Microlith® Pigment preparations

Solid pigment preparations with slow acting bonding agent.

OpTiMat® Extenders

An ultra-efficient matting agent for deep matt decorative paints.

Pigmosol® Pigment preparations

Water-soluble pigment preparations.

Polsperse™ Extenders

An ideal natural ingredient to reduce titanium dioxide content in solvent-based products.

RC Titanium Dioxide extenders

Various grades of titanium dioxide for paints and coatings.

Rheovis® Thickeners

Synthetic thickeners for aqueous systems.

Sanitized® Preservation

Sanitized® Preservation formulated products are a broad range of biocides to provide durable, sustainable protection against a broad range of organisms to enhance overall performance of the paint formulation.

Sicoflush® Pigment preparations

Solvent-containing pigment preparations.

Sicopal® Pigments

Inorganic pigments.

Sicotan® Pigments

Inorganic mixed phases pigments.

Sicotrans® Pigments

Transparent iron oxide pigments.

Socal® Extenders

A range of fine, treated calcium carbonate.

Speswhite™ Extenders

A highly refined kaolin of ultrafine particle size and high brightness from deposits in the South West of England.

Tinuvin® UV absorbers

UV absorbers absorb the harmful UV radiation of the wavelength 290-400 nm and convert this light energy into harmless heat.

Tivida® FL Fluorosurfactants

The first class anionic fluorosurfactants for wood coating and floor polish combine low static surface tension and exceptional fast dynamic properties with an excellent ecotoxicological profile. Tivida® FL additives improve the wetting, leveling and spreading of paints and coatings on different substrates.

Xfast® Pigment preparations

Self-dispersing powdered pigment preparations for aqueous systems.