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Decorative coatings

Decorative paints include wood varnishes and architectural paints for exterior and interior applications. In addition to being emission-free for interior applications, the focus of these coatings is on good resistance to weathering and soiling. In addition to conventional physical and oxidative drying systems, UV coatings play a particularly important role in wood protection.

Chimassorb® UV absorbers

UV absorbers absorb the harmful UV radiation of the wavelength 290-400 nm and convert this light energy into harmless heat.

ChS-Alkyd® Solvent-borne and solvent-free alkyd resins

Alkyd resins are modified polyester resins used as binders in paint formulations. Due to their different composition, customized coating systems can be produced.

CHS-Hydrospol® Aqueous alkyd emulsions

CHS Hydrospol describes water-based alkyd resins comprising medium and long oil alkyd resins. Accordingly, they meet the legal requirements of the VOC Directive.

Cinquasia® Pigments

Organic pigments based on quinacridone.

ClearLite™ Engineered Perlite

Special engineered lamellar Perlite grades providing high transparency and formulation cost savings for matt wood finishes. The ClearLite™ product range is offering a new level of transparency in water-borne clear and transparent varnishes and lacquers for wood.

Cromophtal® Pigments

Organic pigments based on dioxazine, azo condensate and benzimidalzolone.

Dispex® Dispersing agents

Wetting and dispersing agent for predominantly aqueous systems.

EFKA® Defoamers

Defoamer for solvent-based systems.

EFKA® Slip and leveling agents

Surface-active polydimethylsiloxanes and fluoroacrylates.

EFKA® Thickeners

Castor oil-based thickener for solvent-based systems.

Firemist® Colormotion Multicolor effect pigments

Borosilicate based color change pigments.

Firemist® Multicolor effect pigments

Borosilicate based glitter pigments.

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE (Matting agents)

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE grades are very efficient matting agents for water-borne as well as solvent-borne paints and plasters for exterior and interior. The special grades are also recommended as matting agents for traffic paints.

Foamaster® Defoamers

Polymer-based and silicone-containing defoamers for aqueous systems.

Foamstar® Defoamers

Oil-based defoamer for aqueous system.

Glacier ™ White sparkling effect pigments

Titanium dioxide coated synthetic mica pearl pigment.

Graphitan® Deep black effect pigments

Graphite flakes.

Halox® Flash Rust Corrosion Inhibitors

The addition of rust inhibitors prevents the formation of corrosion during the drying process of water-based paints and layers. Further flash-x-products are available.

Heliogen® Pigments

Organic pigments based on phthalocyanine.

Hydropalat® Substrate wetting agents

Substrate wetting agent mainly based on surfactant.

Hydrous Kaolin (Opacifying extenders)

Various grades of hydrous Kaolins for water-borne coatings and paints. The grades are OptiGloss™ and ImerSilk™ for exterior wood and metal coatings. Supreme™ with thixotropic characterisitcs and Speswhite™ for semi-gloss and matt coatings, including printing inks. Speswhite™ and Polsperse™ B plus Polsperse™ E for matt paints and primers. Devolite is a special pre-dispersed grade.

ImerPlast™ Mixed polymer compound

Recycled, technically engineered PE/PP compound. The material is delivered in the form of pellets for extrusion and injection molding.

Irgafos® Antioxidants

Irgalite® Pigments

Organic pigments based on acrylamide and naphthol AS.

Irganox® Antioxidants

Irgazin® Pigments

Organic pigments based on isoindoline, DPP, diarylides.

Laropal® Dressing resins

Pigment paste resins.

Lignostab® Light stabilizers for wood coatings

Lingostab® extends the functional life of exterior paints and stains and protects wood surfaces from greying and degradation caused by intense UV light and weathering. Even in diffuse light conditions indoors, UV absorbers can significantly reduce the yellowing and darkening of pale wood.

Luconyl® Pigment pastes

Aqueous pigment preparations.

Lumina® Pearlescence pigments

Specially coated mica pearl pigments.

Lumina® Royal Pearlescence pigments

Specially coated mica pearl pigments.

Mearlin® Pearlescence pigments

Oxide coated mica pearl pigments.

Metasheen® Aluminum pigments

Pastes based on vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments.

Michem® Emulsion Surface modifying emulsions

These are surface active agents that are added to the emulsions to stabilize the two phases. Due to the versatility of its product range, they are used in numerous markets.

Michem® Lube Surface modifying emulsions

Product range of nanoscale wax emulsions, used to improve processing and performance in many industries. They allow a wide array of surface properties and offer a lubricity effect.

Michem® Prime Surface modifying specialty dispersions

These are functionalized copolymer dispersions, that deliver the flexibility, water/chemical resistance and barrier properties of polyethylene in a water-based form. The resulting products have several characteristics superior to polyethylene.

Michem® Wood Coating Surface modifying emulsions

Low-VOC emulsions, which  can be added to sealants or used alone. They are easy to mix and provide water beading resistance as well as swell resistant properties.

Microlith® Pigment preparations

Solid pigment preparations with slow acting bonding agent.

Orgal® Acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Hydroflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Hydroflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Rooflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions

Orgal® Rooflex Modified acrylate and styrene acrylate dispersions.

Orgal® Vinyl acetate dispersions

Orgal® Vinyl acetate dispersions.

Paliocrom® Brilliant metal effect pigments

Iron oxide-coated aluminum silver dollar.

Paliocrom® Metal effect pigments

Iron oxide coated aluminum flakes.

Pigmosol® Pigment preparations

Water-soluble pigment preparations.

PlastGard™ Engineered Perlite

Special engineered Perlite grades for interior and exterior applications. It has been specially developed to provide ultimate crack and pinholing resistance in resin based plasters and renders.

Rheovis® Thickeners

Synthetic thickeners for aqueous systems.

Sicoflush® Pigment preparations

Solvent-containing pigment preparations.

Sicopal® Pigments

Inorganic pigments.

Sicotan® Pigments

Inorganic mixed phases pigments.

Sicotrans® Pigments

Transparent iron oxide pigments.

Tinopal® Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners.

Tinuvin® UV absorbers

UV absorbers absorb the harmful UV radiation of the wavelength 290-400 nm and convert this light energy into harmless heat.

Xfast® Pigment preparations

Self-dispersing powdered pigment preparations for aqueous systems.

XIAMETERTM High consistency rubber

High consistency rubber (HCR) bases and compounds offer standard silicone rubber, additives and customized formulations for industrial, electrical, automotive applications.



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