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Construction chemical products

Raw materials for construction chemical products enhance pasty systems, such as building waterproofing and sealing, and dry cementitious and gypsum-based systems, such as tile and building adhesives, plasters and fillers and levelling compounds. Cellulose ethers and liquid and powdered water-soluble polymers are used to achieve the processing and final properties.

Acronal® acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions

Acronal® water-based acrylic and stryrene-acrylic emulsion polymers offer high performance and sustainable solutions for paints.

Afcona Defoamers

Silicone and non-silicone based defoamers for coating systems.

Cromophtal® Pigments

Organic pigments based on dioxazine, azo condensate and benzimidalzolone.

Deovulc® Single accelerators

An accelerator is defined as a compound that increases the speed of vulcanization and that enables vulcanization to proceed at lower temperature and with greater efficiency. Accelerator also decreases the amount of sulfur needed to cross-link the polydiene, which improves the aging properties of the vulcanized rubber. Different accelerators are added separately according to a mixing ratio.

Dispex® Dispersing agents

Wetting and dispersing agent for predominantly aqueous systems.

Durazane® 5500

Durazane® 5500 is developed expecially for use in high-gloss, solvent-borne topcoats. The product features are: High-temperature stability, water and dirt repellency, scratch protection and corrosion prevention. 

Foamaster® Defoamers

Polymer-based and silicone-containing defoamers for aqueous systems.

Foamstar® Defoamers

Oil-based defoamer for aqueous system.

FP-Opacity Pigments™

Water- or solvent-based pigment for innovative TiO2 optimization

Heliogen® Pigments

Organic pigments based on phthalocyanine.

Irgalite® Pigments

Organic pigments based on acrylamide and naphthol AS.

Irgazin® Pigments

Organic pigments based on isoindoline, DPP, diarylides.

Iriodin® Pearlescent pigments

Classic natural mica based effect pigments create unique luster and color effects. Effect varies from silky smooth to glittery, depending on the particle size. Iriodin® effect pigments open a new spectrum of possibilities for interior and exterior coatings, printing and plastics applications.

Iriotec® 7000 Conductive pigments

Pigments for improving the conductivity of plastics (electrostatic flooring) and base coats in automotive coatings.

Iriotec® 8000 Laser sensitive pigments

Laser sensitive pigments for laser marking of plastics and powder-coated surfaces. Iriotec® 8000 pigments provide precise and permanent marking and are mainly used for design features or for marking technical objects like brake fluid containers, packaging, cables or animal ear tags.

Iriotec® 9000 Heat-reflecting pigments

Heat-reflecting pigments especially developed for solar heat management. Iriotec® 9000 pigments provide light transmission and heat reflection to get more light and less heat inside of buildings – from commercial and residential buildings to greenhouses.

Lopon® Defoaming agents

Liquid defoaming agents based on renewable sources, they are free of APEO, silicone and mineral oil. They are highly effective for water-based emulsion paints, silicate emulsion paints and silicone resin paints and plasters.

Luconyl® Pigment pastes

Aqueous pigment preparations.

Miraval® Effect pigments

Highly reflective sparkle effect pigments based on borosilicate for coatings, plastics and print products. With their radiant luster and brilliant shimmer Miraval® effect pigments join unique purity of colors with high transparency and intensive reflective power.

Pigmosol® Pigment preparations

Water-soluble pigment preparations.

Pyrisma® Interference pigments

Pyrisma® opens a new dimesion of chroma for mica based interference pigments – be it in coatings, print or plastic applications. This innovative pigment generation was developed especially for the requirements of the coatings industry.

RC Titanium Dioxide extenders

Various grades of titanium dioxide for paints and coatings.

Rheovis® Thickeners

Synthetic thickeners for aqueous systems.

Sanitized® Preservation

Sanitized® Preservation formulated products are a broad range of biocides to provide durable, sustainable protection against a broad range of organisms to enhance overall performance of the paint formulation.

Sicopal® Pigments

Inorganic pigments.

Sicotan® Pigments

Inorganic mixed phases pigments.

Targon® Setting retarders and hardeners

Various types of retarders and secondary retarders plus hardeners based mainly on phosphate, polyphosphate chemistry. Delivery forms as powder, granulate or in water solution.

Xfast® Pigment preparations

Self-dispersing powdered pigment preparations for aqueous systems.

Xirallic® Crystal effect pigments

Alumina based crystal effect pigments that combine lively and extraordinary sparkle with shimmer. The crystal effect pigments create an unexpected deep luster and extraordinary sparkle specifically in coating applications. Main application is automotive coatings but is also used in other applications like plastics, powder coatings and dispersion paints.




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