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Flame retardants for plastic additives

Flame retardants suppress the flammability or retard the flammability of polymers. By adding it, it is possible to achieve a variety of fire protection classes and criteria, which are partly required for the use of plastics in certain applications.


Halogenated or halogen-free combinations of additives reduce or prevent the flammability or combustion of plastics by intervening either physically or chemically in the combustion mechanism. They comply both with European and US-American fire standards.

Flamestab® NOR flame retardant

Flamestab® is an organic and halogen-free flame retardant for the plastics industry. It is suitable for use in nonwoven applications such as woven fabric constructions, indoor and outdoor artificial turf, monofilaments and tapes made of polypropylene, and applications involving polypropylene fibers. Flamestab® meets the highest safety standards and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Melapur® Melamin based flame retardants

Halogen-free, melamine-based flame retardants, which are predominantly used in polyamide or TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane granules).

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