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Specialties for plastic additives

In addition to aging and sunscreen agents, there are a variety of specialties with which the required properties of the polymer can be achieved.


Create a micro-rough surface on e.g. films and thus a paper-thin air layer as a separation layer when putting the films each other. This reduce the adhesion of a materials to itself or other materials and improve slippage.


Different single and combination batches from e.g. additives or fillers provide BOPP films with the desired properties or open up new technological possibilities for applications with promising potentials.


Compounds for cleaning the extruder and tools when material and colour are changed as well as for machine shutdown.


Masterbaches for the coloring of a wide range of plastics products. We offer a highest quality coloring concentrates palette of basic colors, as well as: fluorescent, transparent and special effects colors. We propose individual solutions and colormatching on customer's request to the finished parts or granule samples and against a RAL, Pantone, HKS, Munsell, or NCS color pattern.


The combination of various group of additives in a batch increases profitability. Optionally, you can also combine colours with different additives. Customized formulation are possible.


Fillers define the mechanical properties to improve the material. They allow to reduce the costs of production of plastic products, without lowering the quality of the product, and in some cases even raising its quality.


Antifogging agents prevent the formation of water drips on the surface of packaging and agricultural films during condensation. The surface remains largely transparent as the condensing water creates a coherent film.


Improve the extrusion properties of the polymer melt (extrusion aid, rheology improver) and reduce the deposits on the extruder surface.


Are used to accelerate the crystallization of plastics for more transparency and stiffness, to reduce the cycle time and create uniform fine foam structures.


Internal slip agents improve rheology of the melt. External slip agents increase the smoothness and the surface gloss of the end product, reduce friction and improve the flow properties of the melt.


Hightech masterbaches like fiber-finishing agents, bio-degradable and compostable, scents and flavors, electrets, melt modifiers, hydrolysis protection, hydrophilic, hydrophobics and laser sensitizers.


Slow down the oxidative degradation of polymers by improving thermal stability. Long-term heat and processing stabilizers (or combination of these) protect plastics during processing and in the final application.


Light stabilizers from sterically hindered amines or UV absorbers for various applications and polymer types to prevent ageing, yellowing and embrittlement and to protect characteristic performance and material property.


Modification of bitumen/asphalt, as impact modification of styrenes, as well as thermoformed packaging and compounds.

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