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Surface technologies

Our surface technologies create competitive advantages in industrial cleaning and pre-treatment processes prior to painting. Our broad portfolio of cleaners, surface, coating and nanotechnologies for metals offer optimization possibilities for your processes. The technical product solutions include improved paint adhesion, increased corrosion resistance, clean components and superior surface properties. Lower energy consumption and fewer waste products improve the environmental balance.

BONDERITE® Acid cleaners and pickles

Acid cleaners remove inorganic contaminants like oxides and limescale deposits. Pickling is used to prepare a substrate before applying a conversion coating.

BONDERITE® Alkaline cleaners

Strongly alkaline cleaners are used in spray, immersion and ultrasonic baths and are recommended especially at the beginning of the BONDERITE® processes. A typical area of application is car body and parts cleaning. Alkaline cleaners remove organic contaminants like oils, grease, dust or pigments.

BONDERITE® Anodizing

Anodizing is a controlled oxidation process. The main advantages of anodizing are corrosion resistance, abrasion protection, insulation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

BONDERITE® Autophoresis coating

The BONDERITE® M-PP coating process is an alternative to CDC processes, especially for hollow parts intended to receive an internal coating in addition to the external one. The M-PP process makes use of the chemical reaction between water-based organic emulsions and ferrous metal surfaces in an auto deposition process, so that the coating is applied without current flow. This enables simpler coating systems, facilitates process control and lowers costs. One important feature of the process is that the coating is deposited only on metal surfaces, while plastic and rubber is left uncoated.

BONDERITE® Chrome technology

Conventional chromium-VI and chromium-III conversion coatings to protect bare metal and aluminum parts prior to painting provide excellent corrosion protection.

BONDERITE® Chromium free technology

BONDERITE® offers a comprehensive range of chromium-free conversion coatings on the basis of zirconium, titanium or cobalt for the treatment of non-ferrous alloys. They offer excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion due to increased process stability.

BONDERITE® Corrosion protection

We offer a wide range of temporary BONDERITE® Corrosion protection products for almost all metallic products – with protection periods between a few hours and six months. Product types include water-based or oil/water emulsions, oil-based protective oils, protective oils with a dewatering agent, dewatering agents with a protective oil, dewatering agents and solvent-based cleaners.

BONDERITE® Electroceramic coatings

BONDERITE® Electroceramic coating is a multi-functional coating based on titanium oxide. Electroceramic coatings increase the efficiency of numerous applications, reduce process costs and enable customers to use light metals instead of steel. ECC can be applied to components made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys in harsh environments like marine engines, exhaust parts, outboard engines, automotive, heavy truck and aerospace parts, small engines, consumer electronics, architecture and garden furniture.

BONDERITE® Inhibitors

Inhibitors reduce acid attack and embrittlement of the substrate caused by hydrogen absorption. BONDERITE® inhibitors are also available as individual product additives and can be added to base pickling liquids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. There are also inhibitors for high-temperature applications, galvanized surfaces, for the cleaning of industrial plants and for power boilers and pipelines.

BONDERITE® Iron phosphating

Non-crystalline, non-metallic iron phosphate coating that chemically adheres to metal surfaces. For improved paint adhesion and corrosion protection before painting.

BONDERITE® Nanoceramic coatings

BONDERITE® Nanoceramic coating products offer new pretreatment solutions to replace zinc and iron phosphating. The thin-film conversion coating (nanoceramic layer) ensures outstanding properties regarding paint adhesion and corrosion protection and simultaneously reduces the environmental impact. Suitable for the conversion treatment of multi-metal (steel, zinc, aluminum) and can be applied through dipping or spraying.

BONDERITE® Neutral cleaners

In addition to cleaning, neutral cleaners offer temporary corrosion protection and are used for intermediate and final cleaning, cleaning after assembly and temporary corrosion protection.

BONDERITE® Pickling products

Pickling products are usually acidic but can also be neutral. Acid pickling liquids are suitable for circulation, spraying or dipping processes and a variety of substrates, such as steel, iron, copper or aluminum.

BONDERITE® Zinc phosphating

In this process, the metal surface is coated with a polycrystalline structure of iron, manganese, nickel and zinc phosphates. BONDERITE® Zinc phosphating ensures excellent corrosion protection and prime adhesion of subsequent coatings. BONDERITE® Phosphate conversion coating is suitable for a variety of metallic surfaces including steel, galvanized steel, electrolytically galvanized steel, zinc alloy coated steel, aluminum, zinc, cadmium, silver and tin.

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