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Pretreatment technologies for metals (corrosion protection and paint adhesion)

We offer numerous options for dip or spray conversion coating in metal pre-treatment processes. The comprehensive technology program covers conventional conversion coatings as well as the new generation of environmentally friendly coatings as an alternative to phosphating.

BONDERITE® Anodizing

Anodizing is a controlled oxidation process. The main advantages of anodizing are corrosion resistance, abrasion protection, insulation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

BONDERITE® Chrome technology

Conventional chromium-VI and chromium-III conversion coatings to protect bare metal and aluminum parts prior to painting provide excellent corrosion protection.

BONDERITE® Chromium free technology

BONDERITE® offers a comprehensive range of chromium-free conversion coatings on the basis of zirconium, titanium or cobalt for the treatment of non-ferrous alloys. They offer excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion due to increased process stability.

BONDERITE® Corrosion protection

We offer a wide range of temporary BONDERITE® Corrosion protection products for almost all metallic products – with protection periods between a few hours and six months. Product types include water-based or oil/water emulsions, oil-based protective oils, protective oils with a dewatering agent, dewatering agents with a protective oil, dewatering agents and solvent-based cleaners.

BONDERITE® Iron phosphating

Non-crystalline, non-metallic iron phosphate coating that chemically adheres to metal surfaces. For improved paint adhesion and corrosion protection before painting.

BONDERITE® Nanoceramic coatings

BONDERITE® Nanoceramic coating products offer new pretreatment solutions to replace zinc and iron phosphating. The thin-film conversion coating (nanoceramic layer) ensures outstanding properties regarding paint adhesion and corrosion protection and simultaneously reduces the environmental impact. Suitable for the conversion treatment of multi-metal (steel, zinc, aluminum) and can be applied through dipping or spraying.

BONDERITE® Zinc phosphating

In this process, the metal surface is coated with a polycrystalline structure of iron, manganese, nickel and zinc phosphates. BONDERITE® Zinc phosphating ensures excellent corrosion protection and prime adhesion of subsequent coatings. BONDERITE® Phosphate conversion coating is suitable for a variety of metallic surfaces including steel, galvanized steel, electrolytically galvanized steel, zinc alloy coated steel, aluminum, zinc, cadmium, silver and tin.

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