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Cleaners and degreasers

Our cleaners provide not only convincing high cleaning power and ease of use, but also extraordinary sustainability. The use of cleaners increases effectiveness and reduces operating costs in the long term. Our range includes neutral, acidic and alkaline cleaners. Important areas of application include the cleaning of process fluids from metal components or the cleaning of sheet metal parts before corrosion protection application or the powder coating or cathodic dip painting process.

BONDERITE® Acid cleaners and pickles

Acid cleaners remove inorganic contaminants like oxides and limescale deposits. Pickling is used to prepare a substrate before applying a conversion coating.

BONDERITE® Alkaline cleaners

Strongly alkaline cleaners are used in spray, immersion and ultrasonic baths and are recommended especially at the beginning of the BONDERITE® processes. A typical area of application is car body and parts cleaning. Alkaline cleaners remove organic contaminants like oils, grease, dust or pigments.

BONDERITE® Neutral cleaners

In addition to cleaning, neutral cleaners offer temporary corrosion protection and are used for intermediate and final cleaning, cleaning after assembly and temporary corrosion protection.

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Electric Seminar 2019

24.10.2019, Heidelberg


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Nach wie vor sind Batterien die bevorzugte Form der Energiespeicherung. Deren Konstruktion für elektrische Fahrzeuge ist jedoch komplex.

Bodo Möller Chemie will conduct a technical seminar on 24th October 2019 in Heidelberg