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Pickling / etching solutions & inhibitors

Pickling is a surface treatment that is carried out in numerous production processes as a preparatory step for subsequent treatments. In pickling, corroded metal substrate is removed with a pickling solution, usually in liquid or gel form.

BONDERITE® Etching agents for metal surfaces

In order to achieve an optimal, homogeneous metal surface, the uppermost material layers that are affected by corrosion or contamination are removed by etching agents. This improves the quality of subsequent lacquering and surface coatings.

BONDERITE® Inhibitors

Inhibitors reduce acid attack and embrittlement of the substrate caused by hydrogen absorption. BONDERITE® inhibitors are also available as individual product additives and can be added to base pickling liquids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. There are also inhibitors for high-temperature applications, galvanized surfaces, for the cleaning of industrial plants and for power boilers and pipelines.

BONDERITE® Masking and covering media for the etching process

In most cases etching of the full component surface is not wished, only individual areas shall be treated. Areas which shall not be attacked chemically are covered in advance with special liquid masking media. This protects these surface areas from the etching process.

BONDERITE® Pickling products

Pickling products are usually acidic but can also be neutral. Acid pickling liquids are suitable for circulation, spraying or dipping processes and a variety of substrates, such as steel, iron, copper or aluminum.




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