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Pickling solutions and inhibitors

Pickling is a surface treatment that is carried out in numerous production processes as a preparatory step for subsequent treatments. In pickling, corroded metal substrate is removed with a pickling solution, usually in liquid or gel form.

BONDERITE® Inhibitors

Inhibitors reduce acid attack and embrittlement of the substrate caused by hydrogen absorption. BONDERITE® inhibitors are also available as individual product additives and can be added to base pickling liquids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. There are also inhibitors for high-temperature applications, galvanized surfaces, for the cleaning of industrial plants and for power boilers and pipelines.

BONDERITE® Pickling products

Pickling products are usually acidic but can also be neutral. Acid pickling liquids are suitable for circulation, spraying or dipping processes and a variety of substrates, such as steel, iron, copper or aluminum.

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