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Special coatings

Our special coatings give your parts functional properties such as corrosion protection, sliding properties or improved heat resistance.

BONDERITE® Autophoresis coating

The BONDERITE® M-PP coating process is an alternative to CDC processes, especially for hollow parts intended to receive an internal coating in addition to the external one. The M-PP process makes use of the chemical reaction between water-based organic emulsions and ferrous metal surfaces in an auto deposition process, so that the coating is applied without current flow. This enables simpler coating systems, facilitates process control and lowers costs. One important feature of the process is that the coating is deposited only on metal surfaces, while plastic and rubber is left uncoated.

BONDERITE® Electroceramic coatings

BONDERITE® Electroceramic coating is a multi-functional coating based on titanium oxide. Electroceramic coatings increase the efficiency of numerous applications, reduce process costs and enable customers to use light metals instead of steel. ECC can be applied to components made of aluminum, magnesium, titanium and their alloys in harsh environments like marine engines, exhaust parts, outboard engines, automotive, heavy truck and aerospace parts, small engines, consumer electronics, architecture and garden furniture.

Durazane® 5500

Durazane® 5500 is developed expecially for use in high-gloss, solvent-borne topcoats. The product features are: High-temperature stability, water and dirt repellency, scratch protection and corrosion prevention. 

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