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Production of composite components for aerospace & defense

In the manufacture of composite components, the load-bearing fibers are embedded in a polymer matrix (resin system). These resin systems are available in a wide variety of variants, depending on the application and manufacturing process. There are special aerospace resin systems for aviation, some with integrated flame retardancy.

3D carbon fabrics

Weaving techniques can be used to produce near net-shape preforms.

Epocast® Core and edge fillers with FR/FST fire properties

Epocast® Resin systems

High-performance resin systems for all industrial applications, available in various varieties for all common manufacturing processes.

Innegra Polypropylene fabrics

Is a high modulus polypropylene fibre which can be used independently or in conjunction with other fibres to provide weight reduction, excellent levels of impact resistance and damage tolerance.

L&L Aircraft panel reinforcements

LOCTITE® Surface films

Surface foils are used in composite components to improve the surface quality (pores and waviness), to prepare for bonding (peel ply) and for lightning protection (electrically conductive metal mesh).

Multiaxial carbon fabrics

Very flat, non-crimp fabrics from 100gsm with 2 layers and up to 1600gsm with a maximum of 9 layers, can be produced in widths up to 2540mm (100 inches).

sigma2D carbon fiber fabric

sigmaIF Innegra fabric made of high-strength polypropylene fibers

sigmaMX multiaxial carbon fiber scrim

sigmaUD unidirectional carbon fiber scrim

Undirectional carbon fabrics

Fabrics have carbon fibres just in one direction.

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EN 9120 Germany

Internationally valid quality standards and requirements for the distribution of chemicals and their transfer for the aerospace industry.

Bodo Möller Chemie




Bodo Möller Chemie obtains majority share in distribution company Losi Group and expands into aerospace market

JEC World: Bodo Möller Chemie presents technological innovations and an expert lecture during the trade fair.

Bodo Möller Chemie expands its collaboration with SONGWON and is now exclusive distributor for coating products in Germany.