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Dyeing auxiliaries

Dyeing aids are chemicals that control the dyeing process and help to create a reproducible, uniform appearance. To allow proper coloration, dyeing aids such as dispersants or wetting agents are used. To protect the fibers, so-called wrinkle preventers and UV blockers are used.

Bleaching agents, desizing agents & detergents

Bleaching aids are bleach processors to increase the whiteness of all fiber types. Desizing agents are used to remove the sizing from the warp yarns after the weaving process and before further processing.

Crease inhibitors, wool protective agents & migration inhibitors

Wrinkles are lubricants for the wet finishing of textiles made of all fibers, which can cause running wrinkles, creases, scrawl and grinding and chafing. Wool protectants are special lubricants for wool in wet processes, which protect the fiber surface and thereby prevent matting and pilling. Migration inhibitors prevent the migration of dyes in continuous drying processes.

Leveling agents & dispersing agents

Leveling agents cause a uniform distribution of the dyes in and on the textile, so that their use uniform, reproducible colorations can be achieved. Dispersants hold the water-insoluble particles in suspension and ensure a particularly fine distribution of the dyes in the dye bath. Precipitations, agglomerations, and thus, color spots are avoided.

Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners are fluorescent aids to increase the whiteness of all natural and synthetic fiber types. The shades of white vary depending on the product and may be blue-violet, bluish or reddish.

Sizing agents & pretreatment agents

Sizing agents are used to protect the warp yarns during the weaving process. The sizing process increases web weaving and results in fewer warp breaks.

UV absorbers & fiber stabilizers

UV absorbers absorb the UV radiation, and thus, protect the fibers and the dyes. In many cases, this also improves the light fastness. Fiber stabilizers protect the fibers from environmental influences.

Water softener, pH buffer & pH regulators

Water softeners bind or mask the disturbing water hardness during dyeing. pH buffers keep the pH level stable at a pre-set level, pH regulators control the pH level of the dyeing process and ensure that the pH levels required for the dyeing are adjusted.

Wet fastness improvers

Wet fastness improvers, such as fixing and reserving agents, are auxiliaries for improving the wet fastnesses of dyeings and printed products in the case of various fiber types, such as, for example, Polyamide, wool, their blends and cellulosic fibers.

Wetting agents, deaerators & defoamers

Wetting agents promote the wetting behavior of the fibers and ensure uniform wetting. Air vents are used to vent all treatment baths in the wet treatment of textiles. Defoamers prevent and suppress foam formation in textile wet processes.



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