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Epoxy encapsulants

Epoxy resin casting compounds result in end products with very good electrical and mechanical properties, particularly high temperature stability and excellent long-term behavior. They are suitable for potting electrical components such as transformers, capacitors and insulators as well as complete electrical or electronic assemblies. Epoxy resins with high partial discharge resistance are also suitable for medium and high voltage applications.

Araldite® 2-component epoxy casting resins

Unfilled and filled, cold and hot-curing epoxy resin-based casting compounds for atmospheric or vacuum casting with a wide range of properties.

Aratherm® High thermally conductive epoxy casting resins

Hot-curing 1-component epoxy resin systems with very high thermal conductivity.

Bodo Möller Chemie





Bodo Möller Chemie intensifies its collaboration with BASF SE in the segment of Resins and Performance Additives for Paints and Coatings in Northwest Africa