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Auxiliaries for tooling & mold making

The Auxiliaries product range includes materials for the supportive treatment and processing of the tooling and moldmaking range. Fillers are for the individual, application-related adaptation of existing, already filled or even unfilled casting resin systems, color pastes for color adaptation and release agents for the safe demoldability of castings made of polyurethane or epoxy resin casting resins. The product group is rounded off by wax foils and wax plates for component and wall thickness simulation or for layer-wise model construction in already existing mold halves.

Araldite® Color pastes

Allow the product color to be adapted to customer requirements with light-colored potting or laminating resin systems.

Araldite® Fillers

Allow the individual adaptation of unfilled resin systems to the requirements of the user.

RenLease® Release agents

For easy demolding of components made of polyurethane or epoxy resins.

Wax sheets

For the simulation of the component wall thickness in mould construction.

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