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Specialties for manufacturers & formulators

Specialties for the optimization of epoxy resin systems are used for the application-oriented adaptation of formulations for corrosion protection, for high-temperature applications above 200 °C or for the production of extremely chemical-resistant coatings. The specialty products are also used for the production and adaptation of adhesives.

Kerimid® Bismaleimides

For the formulation of thermally highly stable, weather-resistant, often powdery compounds for adhesives, composites or coating resin systems. Also suitable for use with liquid epoxy resin systems to increase thermal stability.

Matrimid® Polyimides and bismaleimides

For the formulation of thermally highly stable, weather-resistant hardener systems for adhesives, composites or coating resin systems with low outgassing and excellent dimensional stability.

Rhodeftal® Polyamidoimides, polyamide imides, polyamide imides

For the formulation of protective varnishes and paints.

Tactix® Bisphenol-A epoxy resins

Hydrocarbon epoxy novolak resins for optimizing the thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance of epoxy resin formulations. Typical applications are resin systems for adhesives, prepreg production, filament winding and RTM.

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