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2-component silicone adhesives

In the case of 2-component silicones, cross-linking is triggered by an additive. These are necessary, for example, if the curing must take place in an air-tight housing and no moisture can penetrate the silicone sealing compound. 2-component silicones offer particularly fast curing. Mechanically loadable, they maintain their flexibility over a wide temperature range from -50 to 300 °C.

CAF® 2-component silicone adhesives

Through special activation, they enable a hardening process without condensation products (e.g. acetic acid) even in closed joints without access to humidity and offer particularly fast hardening.

Elkem CAF silicone elastomer gasket

Two-component silicone elastomers for injection molded seals, proven in many automotive applications

PACTAN 2-component silicone adhesives and sealants

Due to the cross-linking by installation of released water from the B-component, large adhesive layer thicknesses and a high hardening speed can be achieved. Suitable for flexible glass-to-metal bonding and showcase construction, partly specially designed for the production of foam seals, e.g. for household appliances, electrical and electronic housings.

Bodo Möller Chemie




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