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1-component epoxy resin adhesives

1-component epoxy resin adhesives are heat-curing. The hardener component is already mixed into the resin component, the reaction is blocked and is only started by the addition of increased temperature (usually 90°C-180°C). They are mostly used in the industrial sector, for example in the automotive industry or in aircraft construction.

Araldite® 1-component epoxy resin adhesives

Form a very good contact adhesion to metals as well as duromers and have an excellent ratio between shear and peel strength.

BETAMATE™ 1-component epoxy resin adhesives

Specially developed for use in automotive shell construction to increase crash stability and stiffness. They adhere excellently to the oiled steel and aluminium grades used.

Razeen® Diluents and modifiers

Range of reactive diluents and specially selected resins with moderate reduction of viscosity, adhesion to metallic surfaces, flexibility, resistance against chemicals, good crystallization resistance at low temperature.

Razeen® Epoxy solution resins

Variety of solvent diluted resins, usually in xylene, available as high molecular weight and lower molecular weight resins. They are versatile in applications and provide improved flexibility to the coatings.

Razeen® Solid epoxy resins

Typically used to formulate prepregs, composites, solvent based anticorrosive primers and finishes as well as powder coatings: primers and hybrids.



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