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Porcher Industries

Porcher Industries We distribute the following Porcher Industries products Flamline fiberglass fabric with A2 fire certification Glass fibers Glass fibre fabrics Glass fibre mats Glass fibre scrims Prepregs Downloads Porcher Industries – Aerospace Porcher... read more


DuPont We distribute the following DuPont... read more


Huntsman We distribute the following Huntsman products SOLOPHENYL® Direct dyes Stabilon® fiber stabilizers SYNCOL® warp sizing agent Tactix® Bisphenol-A epoxy resins TECTILON® Acid / metal complex dyes TERASIL® Dispersion dyes TERASIL® W / WW Dispersion dyes TERASIL®... read more


Henkel We distribute the following Henkel products Bodo Möller Chemie Online Shop In our online store you can directly order the broad range of Henkel adhesives, materials for electronics production and surface technologies. Buy now LOCTITE®, TEROSON®, BONDERITE®... read more