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New: Bodo Möller Chemie offers specialty additives and ready-to-use Coating Compounds for functional surface refinement The Bodo Möller Chemie Group adds specialty additives and ready-to-use Coating Compounds from the company Com2C to its product portfolio.

With these innovative products for functional surface refinement the Bodo Möller Chemie can now offer its customer individual solutions for surface coatings on various substrates, like textile, paper or plastic (films). Bodo Möller Chemie can serve now with this range both coaters and printers. On the one hand traditional printing processes can be covered, on the other hand especially the rapidly growing field of digital printing is in the focus.
Enormous demands for these new products exist mainly in the textile, film and wallpaper printing, so that, for example textile finishing companies, film coating and both paper coatings and industrial printing companies are specifically addressed.
Different properties such as

  • improved color acceptance
  • reduced ink and color consumption
  • improvement of mechanical, chemical and light resistance
  • flame retardancy
  • protection of surface

can be achieved through the use of these additives and compounds.

Our new partner Com2C based in Vlotho in Westphalia-Lippe is specialized in customized solutions for the graphic arts industry and will build up on great technical expertise in the fields of print, process technology and chemistry with Bodo Möller Chemie as a strong distribution partner.

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