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Glass Replacement Technology – customer training in Kielce Bodo Möller Chemie Poland Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with Dow Automotive Systems has organized a product training with the topic “glass replacement technology with the use of Betaseal adhesives”.

Many important issues have been raised at the meeting, including:

  • Cleaning and preparing a variety of surfaces prior to replacing the glass
  • Review of Betaseal products used for glass replacing – focused on products‘ portfolio available in Poland
  • Legal regulations concerning the use, storage and sale of chemical products in the European Union
  • Safety issues of using Betaseal products

In addition, trainees had the chance to evaluate the adhesives´ properties during individual attempt of application of the Betaseal adhesive.
At the meeting was also presented a simulation test of breaking the windscreen. A specially prepared machine based on the Citroen C3 car body, was equipped with a hammer blast that was imitating airbags in the event of a collision. This test was designed to show how long it takes before the car can be safely used after windscreen replacement (SDAT – Safe Drive Away Time).

The success of the meeting shows the need for organizing similar trainings in the future. The more we would like to thank the co-organizers and participants of the training.

For more information:
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Customer training Poland DOW
Customer training Poland DOW
Customer training Poland DOW
Customer training Poland DOW

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