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Bodo Möller Chemie Austria received Clusterland Award 2006 Within a solemnly event the Reiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Vienna in cooperation with the state Niederösterreich and ecoplus present the winner of the Clusteraward 2006 in end of january.

The corresponding article in the magazine KC-aktuell, Edition 1/2007 you could download here.

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Middle East Coating Show 2020

07.09.2020 - 09.09.2020, Dubai

Bonding Seminar 2020

22.10.2020, Heidelberg

JEC World 2021

09.03.2021 - 11.03.2021, Paris


SONGWON Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that it has signed two exclusive distribution agreements for the distribution of its comprehensive range of polymer stabilizers

1,000 m² of dangerous goods storage for more growth in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia