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Adhesive Industry: Bodo Möller Chemie is growing faster than the market Specialty chemicals expert Bodo Möller Chemie increases sales by nearly 30 percent.

The globally active specialty chemicals company Bodo Möller Chemie (, has started successfully the new year 2013 and exceeds with a growth of almost 30 percent the current growth forecasts of the adhesive industry of about three percent per year significantly. In 2011 the company’s turnover was approximately EUR 42 million – in 2012 were achieved about EUR 54 million. Frank Haug, CEO of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group, sees the reasons for the successful growth in the particular positioning of his company: “In many manufacturing industries, the demand for specialized adhesives has increased significantly in recent years. As we are acting as a connecting point between leading manufacturers such as Dow, BASF, Henkel, Huntsman and processing industries, we are able to support the individual needs of our customers with specifically tailored solutions. “

With now more than 100 employees in twelve countries, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group is relying since years on an international expansion. Thus, the business partner supplies among others customers in Scandinavia, Austria and South Africa with powerful epoxy, polyurethane or methyl methacrylate adhesives and sealants, additives and other specialty chemicals. The markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China will play a bigger role in the coming years for Bodo Möller Chemie, says Haug: “Specialized adhesives are increasingly used in the different industries in the BRIC countries as an important bonding technology. In many cases they even replace the usual bonding technologies such as screwing and riveting, for example in innovative industries such as automotive, electronics and aerospace. “

Frank Haug sees the biggest potential for the coming years mainly in products that are used in growth sectors such as mobility or alternative energy: “We currently supply the automotive industry with specialized adhesives and electrical encapsulation or the aircraft industry with advanced composites.” And even if it concerns the protection of the environment, adhesives can make a significant contribution says Haug: “With lightweight construction and electric actuators we can conserve fossil fuels and reduce global CO2 emissions significantly. Without adhesives these technologies would not be possible. “

With more than 35 years of experience in distribution of specialty chemicals and adhesives the Bodo Möller Chemie Group (, is the leading trading partner for well-known European companies like DOW Automotive Systems, Henkel, BASF and Huntsman Advanced Materials. The product portfolio of the company based in Offenbach (Germany) provides high-capacity adhesives and adhesive systems, epoxy resin adhesives, casting resins and potting. Through targeted consulting and locally specific consumer service the Bodo Möller Chemie Group offers their customer for every individual requirement the suitable product and solution.


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