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BONDERITE® – Cleaners and coatings


With BONDERITE® surface technologies from Henkel, we create competitive advantages in industrial cleaning and in the pre-treatment processes before painting.

The comprehensive product portfolio for surface technologies includes chemical cleaning agents as well as corrosion protection coatings for steel, multimetals or aluminum used during the production process.

BONDERITE products are ideal for cleaning components from coolants, lubricants and other contaminants that are generated during the metalworking process and need to be removed before painting or other final coatings. This improves paint adhesion and corrosion resistance, while reducing energy consumption and waste products for the benefit of the environmental balance. The various BONDERITE products help to optimize existing processes already in the single-part production and to reduce ongoing operating costs.

In addition to industrial cleaning, we also offer universal cleaners for machine and manual cleaning. There is a wide range of applications for this – factory cleaning, graffiti removal, window cleaning, steam jet cleaning or manual cleaning such as screen cleaners and brush cleaners.

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