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Adhesive Seminar: Bonding instead of welding

06.06.2013 | Grabbrunnenstraße 19, Esslingen

Bodo Möller Chemie and Dow Automotive Systems continue their successful series of seminars on 6th June 2013

Welding and riveting was yesterday: Today approximately 15 and 18 kilogram of adhesive are used for construction in an average car. Worldwide vehicle manufacturers are relying since years on the constant innovation power of the adhesives industry. During the seminar with the title “Bonding of glass, plastics / composites and metal – know-how, experience and practice in the automotive industry and related industries” Bodo Möller Chemie ( and partner Dow Automotive Systems ( will show on 6th June 2013 in Esslingen the growing importance of specialized adhesives as an innovating power in the automotive industry and many other industries.

The highly demanded adhesive seminars of Bodo Möller Chemie have been now already for years a regular meeting place for professionals and decision makers in a variety of industrial sectors. The current seminar in cooperation with Dow Automotive Systems conveys the power of innovation and the increased design freedom of modern adhesives – especially in areas such as automotive, transportation and utility vehicles. With specialized adhesives and sealants, and with pretreatment systems and mixers, glass, metals, plastics and composites can be bonded easily and completely reliable. The use of new materials – such as lightweight construction – is encouraged by new developments in the adhesives industry for years.

The German language seminar is aimed at interested parties who want to learn about new adhesives as modern welding technology, but also those who want to deepen already existing knowledge. A dinner following the one-day seminar provides the opportunity to interact intensively with speakers and other participants. For more information you can download the invitation and the application form. The registration for the seminar is possible up to 10th May 2013. 

Event Details

Datum: 06.06.2013

Zeit: Full-time

Ort: Grabbrunnenstraße 19, Esslingen

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