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We sell the following products from our long-time partner Huntsman:

Adhesives and sealants

  • Araldite® Epoxy Resin Adhesives
  • Epibond® Epoxy Resin Adhesives
  • Araldite® polyurethane structural adhesives
  • Uralane® polyurethane adhesives
  • Araldite® Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives
  • Agomet® Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives
  • Araldite® Phenolic polycondensation adhesives
  • Araldite® Flame retardant adhesives (UL94 / EN 45545-2)
  • Araldite® Thermally conductive adhesives

Electro casting compounds

  • Araldite® epoxy resin casting compounds
  • Aratherm® Hochwärmeleitfähige Epoxidharz-Vergussmasse
  • Arathane® polyurethane casting compounds
  • Araldite® epoxy impregnating resin for dip impregnation
  • Araldite® epoxy impregnating resin for casting
  • Araldite® epoxy resin trickle resin systems
  • Euromelt® polyamide hotmelt casting compounds
  • Ara® Ecocleaner special cleaner for electrical encapsulation
  • Aradur® Amine and anhydrite-based hardener products for use with epoxy resins


  • Araldite® polyurethane casting resins
  • Araldite® epoxy casting resins
  • Araldite® Laminating Resins
  • Epocast® core and edge fillers
  • Epocast® core and edge fillers with FR/FST fire properties
  • Araldite® fillers
  • Araldite® colour pastes
  • Araldite® / Aradur® Formulated resin/hardener systems
  • Epocast® resin systems 
  • Araldite® Epoxy Base Resins
  • Aradur® Amine Base Hardener
  • Aradur® anhydride base hardener

Huntsman Textile Effects

  • Albatex® Levelling agents
  • UNIVADINE® levelling agent
  • INVALON® dispersing agent
  • Albaflow® Wettening and penetration accelerants
  • INVADINE® wetting agent
  • FUMEXOL® Defoamer
  • ERIONAL® Fixing and Reserving Agents
  • Albafix® Fastness improvers
  • ALBAFLUID® anti-crease agents / lubricants
  • MIRALAN® wool protection agent
  • THERMACOL® Migrationshemmer
  • UV-FAST® UV absorber
  • TESCOL® sizing agent
  • SYNCOL® Polyacrylic acid coating
  • VICOL® Wax
  • CLARITE® bleaching processor
  • INVATEX® Digestion Agent
  • ULTRAVON® detergent surfactants
  • INVAZYME® Desizing Agent
  • ERIOPON® after-cleaning agent
  • UVITEX® Optical Brightener
  • DICRYLAN® coating agent
  • SAPAMINE® textile softening agent
  • MEGASOFT® Silicone Softener
  • ULTRAPHIL® Hydrophilic Softeners
  • ULTRATEX® silicone softener
  • KNITTEX® Crosslinker
  • PHOBOL® oil and water repellent equipment
  • Phobotex ® FC-free water repellency
  • FLOVAN® flame retardants
  • PYROVATEX® Permanent Flame Retardant
  • ZEROSTAT® Antistatic Agent
  • FORNAX® Sliding fasteners
  • TECTILON® acid/metal complex dyestuffs
  • LANASET® acid/metal complex dyestuffs
  • ERIONYL® A Acid/metal complex dyestuffs
  • LANACRON® acid/metal complex dyestuffs
  • Neolan® 1:1 metal complex dyes
  • TERATOP® disperse dyestuffs
  • TERASIL® Disperse Dyestuffs
  • NOVASOL® vat dyestuffs
  • MAXILON® Basic Dyestuffs
  • SOLOPHENYL® direct dyestuffs
  • NOVACRON® Reactive Dyestuffs
  • AVITERA® Reactive Dyestuffs
  • ERIOFAST® reactive dyestuffs
  • LANASOL® reactive dyestuffs
  • Novacron® reactive inks
  • Eriofast® reactive inks
  • Lanaset® Acid inks
  • Terasil® Dispersion inks
  • Teratop® Dispersion inks
  • Novacron® P Printing dye 
  • Lyoprint® printing aids 
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, Owner: (Registered business address: Germany), processes personal data only to the extent strictly necessary for the operation of this website. All details in the privacy policy.