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Wir vertreiben die folgenden Produkte von Huntsman:

  • Agomet® 2-komponentige Methylmethacrylat-Klebstoffe
  • ALBAFIX® Fixiermittel für Cellulosefasern
  • ALBAFLUID® Faltenhemmer / Schmiermittel
  • Albegal® Egalisiermittel
  • Aradur® Amin-Härter
  • Aradur® Anhydrid-Härter
  • Aradur® Härter
  • Araldite® / Aradur® Formulierte Harz-/Härtersysteme
  • Araldite® / Epibond® Syntaktik
  • Araldite® 1-komponentige Epoxidharz-Klebstoffe
  • Since several years Bodo Möller Chemie offers ARALDITE® adhesives from Huntsman for your industry, from aerospace to sporting items.
    The ARALDITE® brand includes high performance epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane adhesives as well as high performance specialty epoxy and benzoxazine resin systems.


    Bodo Möller Chemie offers you the complete ARALDITE® 2000 core range from Huntsman. The core range gives you the reliability and flexibility to cover 80% of your bonding needs.
    The ARALDITE® 2000 adhesive core range includes products which are resistant to impact, high temperatures, water and chemicals. The range also offers a variety of colors, open times, viscosities, and appearances.

    ARADUR® are curing agents used in conjunction with ARALDITE® epoxy resins. They are supplied in liquid or solid form. ARADUR® hardeners can be found in adhesives, composites and construction, electrotechnology, paints&coatings and aerospace, among others.