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Acid & metal complex dyes

Acid and metal complex dyes are useful for dyeing and printing wool, silk and polyamide. While acid dyes are distinguished by brilliant colorations and good leveling properties, metal-complex dyes are usually, however, only able to achieve muted shades with excellent wash fastnesses.

ERIONYL® A Acid / metal complex dyes

Acid dyes with higher wash fastness.

LANACRON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Metal complex dyes for highest lightfastness requirements.

LANASET® Acid / metal complex dyes

Intelligent blend of acid, reactive and metal complex dyes for use on polyamide and wool.

NEOLAN® Acid / metal complex dyes

1: 1 metal complex dyes for dyeing wool.

TECTILON® Acid / metal complex dyes

Monosulphuric acid, small-molecule acid dyes.




Bodo Möller Chemie intensifies its collaboration with BASF SE in the segment of Resins and Performance Additives for Paints and Coatings in Northwest Africa