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Effect pigments

In order to give coatings a special color accent, we offer a multitude of different effect pigments that create a lot of scope for color creativity.

Firemist® Colormotion Multicolor effect pigments

Borosilicate based color change pigments.

Firemist® Multicolor effect pigments

Borosilicate based glitter pigments.

Glacier ™ White sparkling effect pigments

Titanium dioxide coated synthetic mica pearl pigment.

Graphitan® Deep black effect pigments

Graphite flakes.

Lumina® Pearlescence pigments

Specially coated mica pearl pigments.

Lumina® Royal Pearlescence pigments

Specially coated mica pearl pigments.

MagnaPearl® Pearlescence pigments

Pearlescence pigments based on oxide-coated natural mica. Different particle sizes and oxide layer thicknesses give the pigments the different semi-transparent sparkling effects in different metallic and colored shades.

Mearlin® Pearlescence pigments

Oxide coated mica pearl pigments.

Metasheen® Aluminum pigments

Pastes based on vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments.

Paliocrom® Brilliant metal effect pigments

Iron oxide-coated aluminum silver dollar.

Paliocrom® Metal effect pigments

Iron oxide coated aluminum flakes.

RADGLO Fluorescent pigments

Daylight fluorescent pigments.

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