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Desiccants & Accelerators

Our siccatives are based on metal soaps such as cobalt, zirconium, calcium and other metals used to cure alkyd resins. We also carry accelerators and catalysts for unsaturated resins and polyurethane systems.

EGECat Accelerators for PU resins and vinyl ester resins

Accelerator based on cobalt, potassium and copper soaps for PU resins and vinyl ester resins.

EGECat Catalysts for polyurethanes

Catalysts based on zinc and tin soaps.

EGEDry Basic and mixed dryers

Single and mixeSingle and mixed siccatives based on metal soaps for drying alkyd resins.

EGEDry Prime / Alpha special dryers

Cobalt-based polymer bound siccative.

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Photoinitiators increase their efficiency.

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