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Coatings, sealants and adhesives that are exposed to permanent heat stress or strong exotherm during curing give our antioxidants special protection to keep them resistant.

ClearLite™ Engineered Perlite

Special engineered lamellar Perlite grades providing high transparency and formulation cost savings for matt wood finishes. The ClearLite™ product range is offering a new level of transparency in water-borne clear and transparent varnishes and lacquers for wood.

Dura® Anti-skinning agents

MEKO, Duroxim P and Oxime-free DriCAT™ anti-oxidants/anti-skinning agents for paints and varnishes, coatings, enamel systems and printing inks. Prevents skin formation in oxidatively dried coatings and inks. For solvent-borne as well as water-borne coatings systems.

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE (Matting agents)

Celite™ Flux Calcined DE grades are very efficient matting agents for water-borne as well as solvent-borne paints and plasters for exterior and interior. The special grades are also recommended as matting agents for traffic paints.

Halox® Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors for all types of water- and solvent-based coatings, available in various textures. The combination of the different types can lead to synergies and increased protection.

Halox® Flash Rust Corrosion Inhibitors

The addition of rust inhibitors prevents the formation of corrosion during the drying process of water-based paints and layers. Further flash-x-products are available.

Hydrous Kaolin (Opacifying extenders)

Various grades of hydrous Kaolins for water-borne coatings and paints. The grades are OptiGloss™ and ImerSilk™ for exterior wood and metal coatings. Supreme™ with thixotropic characterisitcs and Speswhite™ for semi-gloss and matt coatings, including printing inks. Speswhite™ and Polsperse™ B plus Polsperse™ E for matt paints and primers. Devolite is a special pre-dispersed grade.

ImerPlast™ Mixed polymer compound

Recycled, technically engineered PE/PP compound. The material is delivered in the form of pellets for extrusion and injection molding.

Irgafos® Antioxidants

Irganox® Antioxidants

Primary and secondary antioxidants which delay the autoxidation of the polymer in the processing step.

PlastGard™ Engineered Perlite

Special engineered Perlite grades for interior and exterior applications. It has been specially developed to provide ultimate crack and pinholing resistance in resin based plasters and renders.

SONGNOX® Antioxidants

AO’s prevent thermally induced degradation of polymers in coatings, adhesives, inks during high- temperature processing, curing and stoving as well as in the end use.

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