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Effect pigments for plastic

With the use of effect pigments, color accents can be set and creative scope can be made possible.

Firemist® Borosilicate-based pigments

Multicolor effect pigments make the color appear in different shades from different angles.

Metasheen® Highly reflective aluminum pigments

Vacuum-metallized aluminum pigments. Different platelet strengths generate opaque and reflective surfaces ranging from chrome to matte aluminum.

RADGLO® Luminescent pigments

Fluorescence pigments convert the blue and near UV range of daylight into light of longer wavelength by fluorescence and thus achieve a significant increase in contrast, especially in cloudy weather and at twilight. Luminescent pigments are used in paints, dispersions and plastics.

XYMARA Pearlescent pigments

Pearlescent effect pigments with titanium and iron oxide coated mica.




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