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Borosilicate pigments for plastic

With the use of borosilicate pigments, individual mica or pearlescent effects can be achieved and high-quality and creative accents can be set in the desired end applications.

Deolink® Activators for fillers (Silanes)

Also called Silicon Hydride, any of a series of covalently bonded compounds containing only the elements silicon and hydrogen. They are used in a variety of Rubber & Coatings applications to improve physical and performance properties like improved abrasion, adhesion, and cross-link density without effecting compression set.

Deovulc® Activators

Vulcanization Activators. are important rubber processing additives that activate sulfur cure and improve the efficiency of sulfur-based cure systems. The most common activator is zinc fatty acid ester which is often formed in-situ by reaction of fatty acid with zinc oxide.

Deovulc® vulcanization retarder

They are pre-vulcanization inhibitors. In order to avoid premature vulcanization during processing, retarders are often added to the curing system. These compounds increase the induction time by reacting with the active accelerator fragment, which slows down or temporarily prevents the formation of zinc salt.

Glacier Mica-based interference pigments

Titanium-coated synthetic mica for producing white sparkling effects with bluish frost character.

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