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Anorganic pigments for plastic

Our high-quality inorganic pigments have excellent light fastness and high chemical and solvent resistance and are suitable for almost all critical applications.

Sicopal® Inorganic pigment powders

Sicotan® pigments are inorganic, yellow and brown mixed-phase pigments. They exhibit excellent properties in light and weather resistance, resistance to chemicals and heat, even in extreme reductions. Sicotan® pigments are suitable for use in blends with organic pigments to obtain brilliant color shades with high hiding power. Their high heat stability makes them suitable for most resins.

Sicotan® Inorganic pigment powders

The Sicopal® range comprises inorganic pigments with a spinal structure based on various metal oxides. All Sicopal® pigments are particularly heat stable and extraordinarily light and weather resistant.

Sicotrans® Inorganic pigment powders

Sicotrans® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments that are extremely fine-grained.



ASB Expo 2023 Adhesives Sealants & Bonding

05.09.2023 - 07.09.2023, Dubai


Bodo Möller Chemie presents modern bonding solutions in the May 11, 2023 TechDialog
Specific challenges are discussed in small-group workshops