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Glass fibre reinforcements

Our comprehensive range of innovative and high-quality technical textile and thermoplastic solutions made of glass fibres as well as other technical fibre materials is particularly suitable for applications in the automotive industry, aerospace, construction and industry as well as in the manufacture of modern sports equipment and protective gear. For decorative applications indoors, we offer special glass fibre fabrics with fire protection certification according to DIN EN 13501; A2-s1, d0 (EU), DIN 4102-A2.

Flamline fiberglass fabric with A2 fire certification

Decorative fabric made of glass fibers for indoor decorative applications in various colors. Non-combustible according to DIN EN 13501, A2-s1, d0 (EU), DIN 4102-A2.

Glass fibers

Coated and uncoated glass or polyester fibers and twists, e.g. with silicone coating for sewing threads or rubber coating for the production of hoses and profiles.

Glass fibre fabrics

High-quality glass fabrics in various weaves and basis weights. Glass fibre fabrics are characterised by very good drapability and strength and are suitable for composite applications in a wide range of industries, such as aircraft and vehicle construction, shipbuilding, tank construction, pipeline construction, sports equipment construction.

Glass fibre mats

Glass fibre mats made from glass fibres that have been randomly joined together with a binder. They are characterised by excellent impregnation properties, uniform weight per unit area, good drapability and, in some cases, very high temperature resistance. Typical applications: Vehicle construction, boat construction, tank construction, pipeline construction, insulation material in exhaust systems.

Glass fibre scrims

Non-woven, very fine glass fabrics whose fibres are held together by a binder. Typical applications are reinforced paper or reinforced adhesive tapes.


Glass- or carbon-based fabrics pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic matrix. Applications range from easy-melting thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for sports equipment to high-temperature-resistant PEEK for aviation or medical technology.



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