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UV curing adhesives

UV adhesives are 1-component adhesives that are suitable for a variety of substrates. They harden in a matter of seconds under the influence of UV light. They are ideal for joining glass to glass or glass to metal and can be used for a large number of plastics, as most plastics are also offered as UV-transparent.

LOCTITE® Acrylate adhesives

Light-curing adhesives are the product group with the most varied properties. When the adhesives are exposed to appropriate UV and/or visible light, stable, durable thermoset polymers are produced. The product properties range from hard and rigid to soft and flexible. Fluorescent-modified products allow in-line detection of adhesives.

Permabond® UV-curing adhesives

UV adhesives contain a photoinitiator that after the supply of UV or blue light of certain wavelengths in the acrylate initiates the curing process. When UV adhesives are used, the parts to be joined are strengthened by the resulting strong chemical compound.

Bodo Möller Chemie