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2-component polyurethane adhesives

The mostly low-viscosity isocyanate-terminated prepolymers and polyols harden by polyaddition to an elastomer or duromer within a period of a few hours to days, depending on the type. Temperature can accelerate curing and increase strength. They have stable mechanical properties over a wide temperature range.

Araldite® 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives

Structural adhesives with a very broad adhesion spectrum on metals, plastics and fibre composites. Excellent ratio between strength and elongation at break.

BETAFORCE™ 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives, high modulus

Room temperature fast curing 2-component polyurethane adhesive with high mechanical strength and high elongation at break, specially developed for structural bonding.

BETALINK™ 2-component polyurethane semi-structural adhesives

2-component polyurethane adhesive with high elongation and fast curing at room temperature. Approved by Technical Inspection Agency for the bonding of aerodynamic attachments in vehicle construction.

BETAMATE™ 2-component polyurethane structural adhesives

2-component polyurethane adhesive for direct glazing which harden quickly at room temperature. Suitable for bonding metals, plastics and composites, provided that appropriate pre-treatment has been applied.

BETASEAL™ 2-component polyurethane adhesives for direct glazing

2-component, non-conductive, high-modulus, highly viscous, chemically curing polyurethane adhesives and sealants for high-strength, permanently elastic adhesive joints of glass.

Uralane® 2-component polyurethane adhesives

Primarily aerospace materials, mostly used for thermoplastic bonding in commercial aircraft, partly with qualifications from aerospace OEMs and suppliers. Ductile material behaviour compared to epoxy resin materials.

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Electric Seminar 2019

24.10.2019, Heidelberg


Bodo Möller Chemie will conduct a technical seminar on 24th October 2019 in Heidelberg

Certification of Bodo Möller Chemie in Israel according to ISO 9001

Bodo Möller Chemie markets the newly introduced Araldite® 2050 and Araldite® 2051 methyl methacrylate adhesives